Digital cryptographic blockchain tracking, tracing and trading clean energy

Digital cryptographic blockchain tracking, tracing and trading clean energy

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Blockchain for peer-to-peer energy trading is not suitable in Switzerland and the USA due to regulations so instead we trade energy credits not currency or kWhs which need a digital tracking, tracing and trading blockchain database from origin to final use to prove provenance ensuring authenticity.

This approach tracks traces and trades clean energy credits from clean energy hydro, wind, biomass, geothermal and solar for business-to-business generation to disposition where the renewable energy credit market RECs are very important for corporations to achieve their sustainability / green goals with fast, immutable digital audits.


08.00 Welcome by Nino Müller, Managing Director at Impact Hub Bern

08.05 Short Input by Orlando Gehrig, Innovation Officer at Swisspower: «Swisspower’s Blockchain activities»

08.15 Input Matthias Egli, Managing Director at Ormera: «Managing Self Consumption Communities with Blockchain»

08.30 Lecture Mark Johnson, Founder | Clean Energy Blockchain Network: «Trading clean energy credits with blockchain technology» including Q&A, Discussion

09:30 Coffee Break

09:50 End of Event

The event is co-organized by Smart City Bern Verein and Impact Hub Bern

The event is sponsored by the US Embassy and Swisspower.

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