EOSDAQ celebrates Chinese New Year 2019: Ang Bao Event

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EOSDAQ, an exchange based in Korea will hold a Hong Bao Event for the Chinese New Year. For every 100 additional members, they will give out 888 yuan in total for 10 lucky people. This event will start from 5 February and will end on 12 February. Scan the QR Code to find out more about this event on WeChat.

This is part of EOSDAQ’s route to enter regional markets and also share more about EOS platforms to more people.

Blockcast.cc is the supporting media partner for this event. We strongly urge our members to join this event to find out more.

For more details, find out at the WeChat Group today.



Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, EOSDAQ is a decentralized exchange supporting fast and safe trading of EOS native tokens. Through expedited listing, users can enjoy the benefit of trading their airdropped tokens within a short period of time. EOSDAQ users can safely store their assets in EOSDAQ’s private wallet. Also, users can utilize the EOS-specific functions, including BP voting and airdrop. EOSDAQ strives to contribute to forming a strong EOS ecosystem by consistently providing liquidity and lowering the risk of hacking or theft.