Gaimin at St. Louis Technology round table

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After months of countless hours of hard work and dedication, the team at Gaimin are proud to unveil and launch our beta software. It all culminated on June 19th, when we had all of our software developers meetup at the Objective Computing (OCI) head offices in St. Louis.

Our software developers work all across the world, spanning five countries, so this meetup was a mission to set up and get organized. Coming together as a team who had been working tirelessly to bring a ground-breaking crypto mining application for gamers to the market was invigorating. Meeting one another in person and seeing the culmination of our efforts was made all of the long nights and endless emails worth it.

We had a roundtable where everybody was able to hash out ideas and implement systems to ensure the launch of our beta software met all of our specifications and requirements.

Our team functions a lot like block chains. We are spread out all across the world, able to trade ideas back and forth and create something great. It is no wonder then that we are working together to bring blockchain mining to the masses.