High Sloth Society: Public Sale (Legendary Sloth) on April 28th, 12 PM UTC

High Sloth Society: Public Sale (Legendary Sloth) on April 28th, 12 PM UTC

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[Minting Schedule]
`📍Public Sale (Legendary Sloth): April 28th, 12 PM UTC (24 hours)
📍Special Round (Nominated Sloth): Ends when all 400 NFT holders are nominated
📍Whitelist Sale (White Sloth): April 29th, 12 PM UTC (24 hours)`

[Price & Supply]
`📍Public Sale (Legendary Sloth)
-Supply: 400 HSS
-Price(Dutch Auction): Starts with 1 ETH and drops 0.05 ETH every 30 minutes until it reaches 0.1 ETH
-Up to 5 per transaction
📍Special Round (Nominated Sloth)
-Supply: 400 HSS
-Those nominated by the holders of the ‘Lengendary Sloth’ will be airdropped another 400 ‘Legendary Sloths’.
📍Whitelist Sale (White Sloth)
-Supply: 1,000 HSS
-Price: 0.08 ETH
-Up to 3 per transaction`

*Team Supply: 200 HSS
*The minting details regarding the rest (8,000) of HSS PFP NFTs will be announced in the future.

`📍Public Sale (Legendary Sloth):
📍Special Round (Nominated Sloth): The holders of first 400 NFTs will be granted the right to nominate additional 400 holders. The nominating procedure is as follows: You must tweet about HSS project, tag the person you are nominating and submit a google form. The nominated person then will receive HSS NFT via airdrop.
* Airdrop will only be made after reviewing whether the account is a legitimate active account and not a bot, in addition to whether there is any overlap in the wallet contract.
📍Whitelist Sale (White Sloth): Only those that earned ‘White Sloth’ role or earned whitelist access through participating in various events prior to the minting will be able to enter the whitelist sale.`

[Special Event]
`📍 During the public sale, those that mint 5 will automatically enter the raffle for a chance to win a BMW 420i convertible, those that more than 3 High Sloth NFTs, there will be 2 x Macbook Pro, 3 x iPad air, 5 x Airpods Pro, and those that mint more than 1 will be airdropped $CRAY in the future.
<a:RedAlert:950369344137859082> Event Info: <#963303734971105340>

[Interests of Ownership in the National Treasure No. 73]
`📍Examples include but not limited to the right to float a proposal/vote to have an exhibition with the national treasure, to create a merch off of it and offer it with a celeb, or to propose or vote to have governance over the treasure.
📍Eligibility: Legendary Sloth & Nominated Sloth (Guaranteed) and White Sloth (Randomly Assigned)`



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