The Sustainable Productivity Summit in Tokyo

blockcast Sustainable Productivity Summit
blockcast Sustainable Productivity Summit


The Sustainable Productivity Summit, hosted by the Asia Productivity Organization, was held in Tokyo, Japan, on July 10th, 2018. 

The summit focused on the topic of “Shaping the Impossible”. At the meeting, Andrew W Brentano, founder and CEO of Tiny Farm, gave a keynote speech on “Innovation and Productivity of New Food Types” saying that new food types(vegetarian meat or insect foods) must be technically processed in the process of production; considering different characteristics of ingredients, consumers often fail to identify the quality or safety of raw materials.

Within the structure of traditional supply chain, this kind of “trust crisis” is normal in the industry, yet the emergence of blockchain has made it possible for the problem to be cracked.

Anndy Lian, CEO of Linfinity, conducted an in-depth discussion with Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn, Secretary General of APO, on this point at the meeting. Anndy pointed out that the emergence of blockchain will bring the next industrial revolution sooner than expected. The decentralization and traceability of blockchain technology provide technical support for the construction of trusted supply chain ecosystem. From production to customers, the whole process is recorded on the chain, and each block of information is mutually authenticated, thus ensuring the authenticity of product, the transparency of information, the traceability of source and the non-tampering of information.

Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn agreed with Anndy’s comments, noting that the combination of blockchain with traditional supply chain will greatly improve the overall security and trust of the industry, and deliver quality services to more people.