11 Police Officers Reporting “Possessing Cryptocurrency”… 8 people sold voluntarily


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While the National Police Agency re-emphasized the ban on acquiring new cryptocurrencies for employees of departments with direct investigation or audit functions, 11 police reported their possession, and 8 of them voluntarily sold it.

According to data submitted by the National Police Agency by Kwon Young-se, a member of the National Assembly’s Administrative Safety Committee on the 1st, 11 out of a total of 1,863 people related to their duties reported their possession of cryptocurrency.

The number of reporters was 4 from Seoul Office, 2 each from Gyeonggi Nambu Office and Gwangju Office, and 1 each from Daegu Office, Gangwon Office, and Gyeongbuk Office.

Of these, 8 were voluntarily sold, and 3 were not taken because they were acquired before the implementation of the cryptocurrency holding and trading guidelines or because they were acquired from positions that are not related to their job.

At the end of April, the National Police Agency sent an official letter re-emphasizing the ban on acquiring new cryptocurrencies to the investigation and hearing departments related to their duties, and required them to report possession and notify the status of measures by early May.

At the time, the police said, “As virtual currency transactions are rapidly increasing, there is a high risk that some public officials will jump on virtual currency speculation using inside information related to their jobs.” “Preemptive measures are needed to establish public service ethics.”

The policy of expulsion of those who held cryptocurrency inappropriately was also included, but no one was actually exempted.

A police official explained, “There was no case related to the incident or a conflict between duties and personal interests among cryptocurrency holders.