A big step out of Bitcoin? P stations with over 100 million daily visitors only accept cryptocurrency payments


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Many years ago, I was still in Beijing to start a business, and I was invited to Shenzhen to give a speech. The audience was brokers, banks, insurance and other traditional financial practitioners. The topic of the speech was Bitcoin. At the meeting, the audience were all in suits and shoes, sitting righteously, while I got down on Decathlon. I just got off the airport and galloped in, freshly clothed and raging, and even sweaty, as if Linghu rushed to the Shaolin Abbots The posture of the bar.

I talked about Bitcoin mining from Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, and finally when I talked about the update iterations of Bitcoin holders, I said “In fact, the development of the blockchain still depends on the community.”…In an instant, there was no sound. Looking around the four seats, the brows under the seat are tight, doubts and incomprehension are written on the face, my doubts stop, and a blank space in the meeting place freezes, I secretly said that it is bad, probably because of the accent…I started to call the mouth secretly Muscles and tongue, work hard to spell, prepare to speak well, try to turn the tide… However, it was too late, a female line sitting in the front row grew eyes, looked at me shiningly, and said confidently, “Yes, The Internet in the early days also relied on pornography.”…In an instant, my heart collapsed. Sure enough, “community” was heard as “pornography,” and it didn’t give me a chance to correct it…

Looking around again, everyone in the seat brows soothed, and the expressions on their faces have a sense of enlightenment. The female bank leader also nodded to the left and right, accepting everyone’s praise with her eyes, and gave a humble response one by one. In my spare time, I was a little flustered on the empty stage. However, when the god was writing, I suddenly blurted out: “Yes, pornography is just needed. It spreads freely and promotes the development of the Internet. Now it will promote the development of blockchain, freely Storage, decentralized storage cloud cloud…”

Unexpectedly, the word came true. A few years later, Pornhub, the world’s largest pornography website, launched cryptocurrency payment, and it was the only payment channel.

Recalling the past, I wrote an article on Weibo: Sure enough, the development of the blockchain still depends on the community (pornography).

Having said that, why does Pornhub launch cryptocurrency payment at this time? A previous report in The New York Times disclosed that there were a large number of inappropriate and illegal videos on P station, including some videos involving minors, which caused credit card companies Visa and MasterCard to cut off the company and all related websites.

Currently, Pornhub is also deleting content uploaded by unauthenticated users. As of Monday morning, the total number of videos on P station dropped from 13 million to only 4 million.

Since the establishment of Pornhub in 2007, any user can freely upload content. Now, only authenticated users can upload videos. Pornhub requires that in order to be certified, users need to submit a personal photo holding a paper with the username written on it.

Speaking of supporting cryptocurrency payments, some websites have already opened cryptocurrency channels before, but they have not improved much. Why is the support of Pornhub this time having such a big impact? Let’s first look at Pornhub’s data. This company publishes its own website data at the end of each year. The 2020 report has not yet been released. There are more reports in 2019. I picked three interesting ones as follows:

More than 42 billion people visited Pornhub in 2019, which means 115 million visits per day on average. What is the concept of 115 million? This is equivalent to the population of Canada, Australia, Poland and the Netherlands visiting all in one day. And Pornhub’s traffic is still growing, and there is no sign of stopping.

The United States is still the country with the largest number of people going to Pornhub every day, followed by Japan, which has risen 2 positions in the past year. The increase in traffic from Japan is one of the reasons why many search engine rankings have risen this year, for example, the ranking of Japanese search engines has risen to the first place.

With Japan’s rise, the United Kingdom dropped to third place, while India dropped 12 places from third place in 2018, partly because the Indian government blocked some pornographic websites.

The new country entering the top 20 this year is Thailand, which has increased by 6 positions compared to 2018. Together, these countries account for 79% of Pornhub’s daily traffic.

In 2019, Pornhub’s female users accounted for 32%, which is the highest in history. The top five countries contributing the most female users are the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Australia;

All in all, the aborigines who are the most extensive and most in need of the Internet gather at station P. Today, Bitcoin is arriving here.

As a qualified bitcoiner, in order to experience the largest bitcoin payment application scenario at present, he critically logged on to this website and registered a paying member, using the services of a third-party payment provider coinpayments. The supported currencies are really true. Many, the only regret is that this time EOS did not appear on the Taiga Hall.

115 million people visit P station every day, and 14 million paying members are currently paid. In the future, the renewal of these members will have to be paid in cryptocurrency.

Wall Street institutions are hoarding bitcoins, the world’s largest third-party payment company PayPal can buy bitcoins, and the world’s largest video website supports bitcoin payments.

These three scenes were often mentioned when bitcoiners gathered in 2013. They felt like a long-term wish. They have become reality one by one. The years are silent, and the answer is blowing in the wind.