‘AI technology applied’ Nasun Something and Skelter Labs signed a business agreement… “Service Enhancement”


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-Hye Han] Clayton Blockchain Mainnet-based social karaoke app SOMESING made a business agreement with Skelter Labs, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology company in Korea, for service enhancement It was announced on the 5th that it had signed.

Skelter Labs has long experience in the field of artificial intelligence and IT, including COO Ahn Hyun-deok, former CEO of Dialpad Communications, who developed the world’s first internet phone, led by CEO Won-gyu Cho, who served as general president of R&D of Google Korea for about 7 years. It is a technology company made up of experts who have built up.

The company provides the core technologies of innovative interactive AI and voice AI, and personalized AI represented by the AIQ’ series, and combines them to present solutions tailored to business. Skelter Labs ranked first in the 2020 Korean Machine Reading Assessment (KorQuAD 1.0 & KorQuAD 2.0) in succession based on its powerful development team with AI-related experience in various global companies and unrivaled technology.

The two companies’ business agreement mainly aims to introduce an automated recommendation and prediction system using Skelter Labs’ personalized AI solution AIQ.AWARE, and to provide users with real-time behavioral and intention-tailored content.

In August 2020, it successfully attracted 17.7 billion won worth of Series B investment from new investment consortiums including KDB Development Bank, KDB Capital, and Korea Investment & Securities, as well as existing investors. It is in the process of securing a system for line construction, advancing AI technology, strengthening R&D capabilities, and expanding global business. In recent years, it is expanding its business in a number of ways, such as signing a business agreement with Sendbird, a global messaging platform company, to provide a high-performance interactive AI-based integrated solution, megastudy education, and the establishment of JV for the development of AI-based educational contents and services.

Regarding this business agreement, Hee-Bae Kim, CEO of Something’s operating company, Immel Ventures, said, “Something is based on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the business roadmap with the advancement of customized services optimized for individual users from the initial development stage and service launch. Have been included. Recently over 700,000 downloads and more than 400,000 subscribed users sing more than 15,000 songs a day, of which more than 1,500 contents are shared through the platform and actively use the service.” He said, “In a situation where it is practically impossible to check the contents of songs of various genres over thousands of songs currently posted on the platform, through AI technology, we provide contents optimized for each user’s taste based on the activity data in the service. I want to maximize the experience. “The ultimate goal that Something is pursuing through a business agreement with Skelter Labs this time, such as recommendations for super-personalized customized content provided by Netflix,” explained the background of the agreement.

Hee-Seok Choi, director of Something’s product planning, said, “We have had in-depth discussions with Skelter Labs on how to provide a differentiated user experience by incorporating Skelter Labs’ AI solution with Something service. The direction for the advancement plan has been confirmed. Starting with [Step 1: Personalized Recommendation], which recommends content that suits the user’s taste based on the data provided by the user to Something, the situation information such as weather, location, social media, etc. ), which recommends customized content with [Step 2: Super Personalized Recommendation], and finally, [3] classifies high-quality content through content analysis through AI, and subdivides content types according to various models. Stage: Content curation enhancement] We want to build a system,” he explained about Something’s plans for enhancement in the future.

Meanwhile, Something has established a strategic partnership with Ditto Music, a global online music distribution company headquartered in the UK, to lay the foundation for promoting Something to users in the UK and neighboring European countries where K-POP and Hallyu are in full swing. , For full-scale branded marketing, MOTOV, the first IoT-based mobility media platform company in Korea, and DBDBLAB Corporation, a media commerce company, signed a business agreement for production and distribution of broadcasting program contents.

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