Analysts Say Bitcoin Re-Breaking $40,000 Will Go To 50,000 Soon


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This article – captured by Bloomberg

As Bitcoin re-breaked above $40,000, it is predicted that it will soon cross the $50,000 mark. Bloomberg News quoted chart analysts on the 14th (local time) and predicted this.

As Bitcoin breaks through the $40,000 mark, the next resistance is likely to form at the $42,500 level. If this resistance is broken, Bitcoin will immediately break through the $50,000 mark, according to chart analysts.

Bitcoin’s highs are around $65,000.

On the same day, Bitcoin broke through the $40,000 mark, raising expectations for further gains. As of 6:20 am (Korean time) on the 15th, Bitcoin is recording $42,225, up 3.28% from 24 hours ago on CoinMarketCap, a global coin market relay site. Bitcoin was close to $41,000 a few hours ago.

Current major cryptocurrency market conditions at this time – Take a look at CoinMarketCap

It is the first time since May 19th that Bitcoin re-breaked above $40,000.

The reason Bitcoin is rising is that Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that if green energy is used to mine Bitcoin, he will allow Bitcoin payments in Tesla cars, and Tanzania, Africa, is also moving to introduce Bitcoin as a fiat currency. It is interpreted as showing

In addition, billionaire investor Paul Tudor-Jones, founder of Tudor Investments, said in an interview with CNBC that he would “buy commodities, cryptocurrencies, and gold,” saying, “I will make an inflation hedge (avoidance) investment.” see.

At the same time, on Upbit, a Korean trading site, Bitcoin is trading at 46,397,000 won, up 3.69% from 24 hours ago.