Another US$12 million in financing: PlatON, a privacy computing network, has raised more than US$50 million and will launch commercial services in Southeast Asia


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The blockchain network PlatON under the Singapore LatticeX Foundation announced the completion of a new round of US$12 million in financing. The round was co-founder of Fosun Group, Fosun Group, served as president and CEO of Xinjun launch, Mr. Liang Xinjun chief advisory capacity while adding LatticeX Foundation; round of financing by the mountain capital and Hash Global Capital lead investor, Singapore OUE Group, Asia’s leading insurance asset management institutions and other family offices jointly participated in this round of investment.

This is the second public financing in PlatON’s history. Since its official release in San Francisco in July 2018, two rounds of financing totaled more than US$50 million . The previous round of financing was jointly led by HashKey Capital and Youbi Capital, with Hash Global Capital, SNZ Capital, Fundamental Labs and other investment institutions jointly participated in the launch.

PlatON said that this round of financing will be mainly used for private computing research and engineering realization, distributed AI technology research and development, blockchain underlying technology platform Giskard research and development, and related economic model research and development and community services. It will continue to base itself in Singapore and launch commercial applications in Southeast Asia. service.

After two and a half years of iterative development, including eight months of technical testing of the Baleyworld test network, PlatON will soon launch its third phase of “meta computing network” Alaya.

Liang Xinjun believes that PlatON can build a new generation of global distributed infrastructure based on private computing + blockchain:

I am very optimistic about PlatON’s combination of privacy computing and blockchain technologies and apply them to the development plan of distributed economic infrastructure. One of the two faces the future trillion-dollar global data circulation market, and the other complements it to support the operation of its economic system. The infrastructure track selected by PlatON is located at the intersection of two top cutting-edge information technologies, and its team is a collection of elites in many related fields. This professionalism and comprehensiveness is unique in the entire blockchain industry. . Looking at the global political and economic environment on the eve of tremendous changes, who can grasp the marketization opportunities of data elements on one hand, and who is committed to fundamentally changing the pattern of the financial industry on the other hand, who can lead the use of data as the core energy of society in the next two decades The transformation of the digital era. Infrastructure construction is a long but sure journey to success. I am very fortunate to be able to participate in it at the initial stage. I believe this is an extremely important historical opportunity.

PlatON was initiated by Dr. Feng Xiao from Wanxiang as the founder. It is committed to becoming a new generation of global privacy computing and distributed economy infrastructure. It is also a pioneer and leader in the global privacy computing field. A high-performance distributed computing network focusing on scalability and privacy protection for a long time. It is a global artificial intelligence through a next-generation computing architecture jointly assembled with cryptographic algorithms such as verifiable computing, secure multi-party computing, zero-knowledge proof, and homomorphic encryption. , Distributed application developers, data providers, and various communities, institutions, and individuals with computing needs, provide public infrastructure under an open source architecture. Its meta-computing network Alaya will also be officially launched soon.