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LinkArt aims to build a decentralized platform for tracking and management of the whole life cycle of art works, and to endorse the unique value of each piece of art work with the non-tempering characteristics of blockchain.

LinkArt combines 5G, AI and blockchain technology, presents the charm of art in many ways, attributes the value of art works with multiple dimensions, and opens up tech-supported imagination space for the realm of art. LinkArt creates cross-border, cross-cultural ecosystem, and provides a barrier-free communication and trading platform for all art creators, enthusiasts, collectors and investors.

Powered by the token economies, LinkArt improves the recognition and liquidity of art works, and stimulates the art works to feed back the artistic creation, thus promoting the prosperity and development of the whole art industry.

Main usage: 

  • Art work source-tracking

    Creation time, transaction price
    copyright and ownership

  • Art work trading

    Art bidding and online trading

  • Art circle socializing

    Online sharing and discussion, offline salon

  • Art exhibition

    High definition online exhibition platform
    Global Art HD Digital Museum


About LAR Tokens: 

LAR token is a decentralized blockchain crypto-asset. In the early stage, it was issued on the basis on ERC20. In all application scenarios of the LinkArt project, the total volume of token issued is 10 billion, and the main chain swap will be carried out according to the ecological development in the later stage.

Total supply 10,000,000,000 LAR
  • Initial offering price:1LAR=0.000226$
    Token/Coin accepted:USDT BTC
  • Total amount of token for sale:2,000,000,000 LAR
    Portion of token for sale/Total token amount(%):20%

Tokens are available from October 1st, 2018 to October 5th, 2018. Thank you for your participation and support.

A certain number of token holders enjoys the right to participate in the prioritized

  • A certain number of token holding artists enjoys exhibiting in fairs free of charge

    A certain number of token holders enjoys discount or commission at art work purchase

  • Use tokens to buy works of art with a certain discount

  • A certain number of token holders enjoys visiting art exhibitions free of charge


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