Ban Ki-Moon Keynote speaker at World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS Singapore 2019

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World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS’ on 16-17th July in Singapore
Keynote Speech by Ban Ki-Moon:the 8th Secretary-General of UN, Song Hee-Kyung:member of National Assembly, Jemma Green:Chairman of Power Ledger
Discussion for FATF(Financial Action Task Force) Recommendation & Counter-measurement with Members of National Assembly and Chairmans of Association
Experts for Blockchain & eSports from 20 countries

Upcoming 16th-17th July 2019, “World eSports & BlockchainSummit MARVELS (Singapore) & GAF (Global Art Fair) 2019″ will be held in Marina Bay Sands | Mandarin Oriental in Singapore(the city of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the hub of Blockchain). It is hosted by Korea CEO Summit (Chariman: Park Bong-Kyu) and supervised by Singapore Fintech Association(President: Hock Lai Chia), the 4th Industrial Revolution of National Assembly (President: Song Hee-kyoung the member of National Assembly), Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association (Chairman: Kim Hyeongjoo), Korea eSports Industry Association and supported by Korea Blockchain Startup Association, Korea Blockchain Academy, Korean Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and co-organized by NiX|MOBBA, Duane Morris & Selvam LLP, Linfinity, Block On.

Ban Ki-Moon The 8th Secretary-General of the UN attends as a Keynote speaker!

This conference will gather lawmakers who are members of the legislature, blockchainer who deal with policies, founders and entrepreneurs in the blockchain and eSports industry, financial and investors and opinion leaders, It will share insights and prospects for eSports & Blockchain Industry.

Especially, Ban Ki-Moon The 8th Secretary-General of the UN will give keynote speeches on the importance of the development of the Blockchain and eSports Industry, the core technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution. And the special feature called ‘World CEO Summit Round Table with Ban Ki-Moon are looking forwarded. This will be the first time in the fields of Blockchainconference.

On 16th, ‘World eSports 7 Blockchain Summit MARVELS’ will be started with congratulatory message Kim Du-Kwan who is member of National Assembly. And Song Hee-Kyung who is member of National Assembly | President of the 4th IndustrialRevolution Forum, Jemma Green who is chairman of Power Ledger, Krishna Ramachandra who is founder & principal lawyer of Duane Morris & Selvam LLP will appear for keynote speech.

On 16th evening, MARVELS Night will be held for VIP Network Dinner party at Mandarin Oriental Hotel level 1 grand ballroom. And Ahn Young-Jip who is Korean Ambassador In Singapore will attend and give a proposal for Blockchain & eSports development. Besides Park Wan who is cross-over Tanner & musical actor will present a great performance.

At this time, Not only Ban Ki-Moon The 8th Secretary-General of the UN, also DATO’ Dennis Verbaas Chairman of Verbaas Capital | Malaysia Royal family Johor Bahru, Bong Se-Jong Chairman of Korea Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, DATO’ Kwon Byung-Ha Chairman of Henikwon Group in Malaysia, Kwon Young-Keol Principal of Gyewon University, Kim Young-ChulChairman of VINE Group, Lee Sung-Lim Honorary Chairman of the Korean Federation of Art and Culture Organizations, Kim Min-Kyung CEO of Alice & Trunk Hotel, Chung Chan-Young Chairman of An Jeong, Zhèng Lóng-Zhèn President & Founder of Qíngdǎo Northern Tea Warehouse in China, Cho Eun-Kyung CEO of Dason, Yeo Bong-Rye Chairman of RaumGreen, Lee Kyung-Ok Chairman of Dongkoo Bio & Pharma, Jeong JoonFounder of TREEinSTAR, Choi Jin-Young Chairman of BiTbank(The Former Mayor of Namwon City), Hah-TeSocFounder & Principal of SCALe will participate in World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS Singapore 2019.

Presentation and Discussion with 9 sessions BlockchainRevolution 2030, FATF Recommandation & Counter-measurement etc.

(Session1) ‘Blockchain Revolution 2030

Anndy Lian : Founder of Linfinity | Writer of ‘BlockchainRevolution 2030

Kim Tae-Won : Founder & CEO of Glosfer | HYCON

(Session2) ‘Changes that Blockchain and Asset Management bring to the Economy

Chia Hock Lai : Chairman of Singapore Fintech Association

Jennie Siu-Fong Yeung : Chairman of White Capital Group U.S.A.

Koby Isik : President of Rose Water

(Session3) Latest Update on Regulations of Blockchain & Digital Assets

Moses Wanki Park : Barrister at Law Liberty Chambers

Gregory Aillaud : Principal Lawyer of Swiss Blockchain Legal

Kwon O-Hoon : Attorney at Law | Partner at OhKims & Company

(Session4) Application of Blockchain Technology & Service proof which will change our Daily Life

Kim Kwang-Hyun : Founder & CEO of HivvLab

Yoon Tae-Sik : CTO of NiX | MOBBA

Kim RyuHyun : Founder & CEO of Xank

(Session5) Diversification of Blockchain Application

Jagdish Pandya : Chairman of Block On

(Session6) Innovation for a Better Life

Vazgen Yeghiazar : CEO of EDC Block chain,

Choi Soo-Dong : CEO of NOICON

Ja Long Hoang : CEO of BitCEO

Branson Lee : CEO of

(Session7) ‘FATF(Financial Action Task Force) Recommendation & Counter-Measurement

Kim Hyeong-Joo : Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association

Lee Un-Ju : member of National Assembly

Song HeeKyung : member of National Assembly

(Session8) Blockchain & e-Sports Evolution

Krishna Ramachandra : Founder of Duane Morris & Selvam LLP

DATO’ Dennis Verbaas : Founder & Chairman of Verbaas Capital

Karthik Lyer : Founder of Blockchain Monk

(Session9) ‘Blockchain & e-Sports Era

Kim You-Joo : Founder of NiX & MOBBA | Owner of Phoenix Club

Scott Oh : Founder & CEO of Gamebit

Lim Jang-Won : CEO of Grabity | Judge of Block Battle

Global Art Fair(GAF2019)

Also on 17th evening, since the VIP Preview of ‘Global Art Fair 2019 (GAF: Global Arts Fair’ 19), Lee Sung-Geun artist’s ‘Drawing Performance’ etc., it would be an great opportunity to meet the works of world-class artist in one place will be held until the 21st July.

Park Bong-Kyu who is the host of this conference, a chairman of Korea CEO Summit has defined, “MARVELS is a festival between marvelous people for the development of Blockchain & eSports Industries”. He also said “I hope everyone understand properly of Blockchain & eSports and everyone, all the industry will discuss in a healthy and progressive way through MARVELS conference”.

Anyone who has interesting about the 4th Industrial Revolution, Blockchain, Fintech, eSports, Art fair can register through our website :

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