BiKi liquidity mining continues to exert strength, DeFi index is expected to recover the boom in the second half


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In the past few months, BiKi has been focusing on the expansion of DeFi liquidity mining, from the entire cryptocurrency market being activated by DeFi, various projects are swarming, to the phenomenon of project water drops, and then to funds Gradually returning to the market, Bitcoin prices continue to rise and fluctuate repeatedly, all inseparable from the second outbreak of DeFi liquidity mining.

DeFi continued to soar in the second quarter, attracting many exchanges to compete for layout. BiKi, Huobi, and Binance have quickly launched trading mining, locked warehouse mining, pledge mining and other models to take root in DeFi liquid mining and launch a series of ecological field construction.

BiKi DeFi liquidity mining is launched

When the Compound mining effect did not affect the entire market, BiKi had already started the online layout of related projects in the DeFi field. At the end of July, it reached a designated cooperation with the non-custodial DeFi aggregation platform PLT, and opened the DeFi grid trading area in mid-August. At the beginning of September, DeFi liquidity mining was officially launched, combining grid transactions to start one-click mining of popular DeFi projects.

BiKi liquidity mining

BiKi launched a platform for DeFi liquid mining products earlier. On September 2, BiKi announced the launch of DeFi liquid mining, which fully supports one-click mining of popular DeFi projects liquidity through grid transactions.

Different from pledged currency mining and locked warehouse mining, BiKi combines the most stable trading strategy at the moment-grid trading, to continue DeFi liquidity mining to the end, and to increase double income while ensuring the safety and stability of user transactions , And the “AI automatic trading strategy” that comes with Gridbao can lower the “threshold” that DeFi mining brings to users and increase a better participation experience.

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Users can start automatic mining through grid transaction pending orders, and automatically obtain liquidity mining income every day. At the same time, users can obtain liquidity mining rewards and double income of grid transactions. As the core battlefield of the DeFi ecosystem, BiKi has been opened More than dozens of popular items spot and grid transactions.

BiKi grid trading

In August, BiKi launched the grid treasure-an automatic income tool that supports automatic arbitrage of popular currencies such as mainstream currencies and DeFi. It has stable income, no need to watch the market, and is simple to use. It can automatically generate trading strategies to help users obtain high-frequency trading income.

Grid trading itself is a trading strategy that is very suitable for volatile market. It uses a certain price as a basis to place a certain number of buy and sell orders at the upper and lower prices based on a price difference, repeatedly sell high and buy low, so as to obtain profit from the difference.

On the other hand, DeFi liquidity mining projects have large fluctuations in the market after liquidity is stimulated. It is difficult for users to guarantee vested interests in a stable “transaction method”, and combined with the grid transaction mode, they can securely obtain double benefits. .

BiKi’s continuous efforts in DeFi liquid mining projects

More than 30 liquid mining projects have been launched on the BiKi platform. The projects currently in operation include ALPA/USDT, FIC/USDT, KP3R/USDT, and BOR/USDT.

KP3R (Keep3r):

It is a decentralized chain service outsourcing network. After Uniswap went online on 10.28, it rose from US$10 to a maximum of US$380, an increase of 3800%. At that time, the market value even exceeded US$44.8 million. On the day of 10.29, KP3R launched BiKi and started grid + liquidity mining. The opening price of 100U rose to 386U, an increase of more than 298%. The current price is 143U, and the market is volatile, which is still suitable for the BiKi grid trading model.

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BOR (BoringDAO):

BoringDAO aims to build a decentralized bridge connecting all blockchain assets. BOR went live on BiKi, the opening increase reached 107%, and the current price is 160U. At present, the annualized return of grid trading AI is about 40.36% in the seven-day backtest.

FIC (Filecash):

Filecash is Filecoin’s first pre-fork project and an IPFS community incentive layer. After the FIC went live on BiKi, the highest increase reached 323%, the opening price was 0.2U, and the current price was 1.12U. ​​The market fluctuated greatly. It is suitable for grid + liquidity mining. Currently, grid trading AI has a seven-day backtest annualized return of 115.24%.

ALPA (Alpaca City):

ALPA holders can use ALPA to allow “alpacas” to breed babies, pledge to earn dividends, participate in community governance voting, and consume in other scenarios to enhance the attributes of alpaca. Currently, BiKi has launched ALPA liquidity mining rewards, the prize pool is 24,000 ALPA, and the reward pool will be divided according to the proportion of liquidity provided by users.

As of November 26, among the previous day’s earnings, users’ BiKi liquidity mining earnings reached the highest 18792%:


DeFi index is expected to recover the second half boom

DeFi liquidity mining has entered the post-era. The projects that previously motivated the cold-start agreement have gradually faded, and new projects have gradually surfaced. There is still a lot of room for the development of the DeFi field. The development of DeFi index tokens is still quite early, and capital has not yet fully entered the DeFi ecosystem. In the future, there may be more complex and better quality index products.

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In the long run, whether centralized exchanges can continue to strengthen the popularity of DeFi and promote the rapid development of DeFi also depends on the complete transparency of the rules behind liquid mining, the continuation of high yields, and the realization of public chain decentralized governance. .

BiKi believes that DeFi and CeFi need to be mutually improved. The mature development of DeFi is inseparable from stable CeFi support. For the CeFi field to continue ecological development, it also requires the injection of new vitality from DeFi. Of course, BiKi will continue to make efforts in the financial construction of DeFi and related fields to create an ecological closed loop of CeFi and DeFi.