Bridging Blockchains with Kevin Wang, Nervos Co-Founder


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Just like Scott Melker, Kevin Wang attended the University of Pennsylvania and loved to play video games as a kid. With a desire to explore what was below the digital surface, Kevin learned to code and develop, becoming extremely proficient along the way. Upon discovering blockchain and Bitcoin Kevin Wang co-founded Nervos to solve blockchain interoperability and improve upon the existing proof of stake and proof of work protocols. The way Kevin sees it, blockchain is on a journey of world domination just like the internet once was decades ago.

Scott Melker and Kevin Wang further discuss managing a team around the world, the advantages of proof of work, a multi-asset store of value, tokenizing everything, the Nervos vision, the centralization of mining, living in virtual reality, China’s digital Yuan, teaching kids to code, web 3.0, where Bitcoin is headed, Bitcoin’s rising price and network security, Ready Player 1, China’s volatile regulation, blockchain in 5 years and more.

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