Cryptocurrency deposit service ‘Abe Protocol’, listing on Samsung Blockchain Wallet


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Abe Protocol, equipped with Samsung Blockchain Wallet (mobile storage)

The Swiss-based decentralized finance (De-Fi) service’Abe Protocol’ was listed on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

According to the industry on the 8th, Samsung Blockchain Wallet recently started supporting Abe Protocol. Samsung Blockchain Wallet users can easily store the cryptocurrency’Abe’ issued by Abe Protocol on their mobile, and can use the Abe Protocol service through the’DApp’ tab.

Abe Protocol, launched in 2017, is an open source protocol that supports a loan (lending) service, one of the forms of DeFi. Service users can receive interest by depositing cryptocurrency in the liquidity pool supported by Abe Protocol, and lenders can use cryptocurrency as collateral to receive loans through liquidity.

Recently, as interest in cryptocurrency investment has exploded around global users in their 20s and 30s, interest in cryptocurrency-based financial service’DeFi’ is also increasing. As Abe is listed on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, it is expected that younger generations will be able to access DeFi relatively easily.