‘Cryptocurrency Frenzy’, K-Bank customers 1.46 million per month↑… ‘Upbeat effect’


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K-bank Euljiro new office building (provided by K-bank)

The number of customers of K-Bank, a specialized internet bank, increased by 1.46 million within a month. Amid the cryptocurrency craze, the real-name account contract alliance with Upbit, the number one cryptocurrency exchange in Korea, seems to have had a major impact. To trade cryptocurrency on Upbit, you need to open a K-Bank account.

According to K Bank on the 3rd, the number of registered customers as of the end of April was 5.37 million. Compared to the end of the previous month, there was an increase of 1.46 million people, the largest increase on a monthly basis.

Credit balance also increased rapidly. As of the end of April, the receiving balance was 12.14 trillion won, an increase of 3.4 trillion won compared to the previous month. The credit balance also increased by 850 billion won from the previous month, recording 4.68 trillion won.

According to K Bank, reception has increased due to the influence of various affiliates such as’Plus Box’ and Upbit KT, a parking passbook that can receive an interest rate of 0.5% per year even if you leave it up to 100 million won.

K-Bank announced that it is operating the increased deposits as a high-flow safe asset that can be instantly converted into cash. An official of K Bank said, “We are investing in securities that yield higher returns than low-cost deposits as well as loans for increased receipts.” As a result, K-Bank is operating stably so that it can be instantly converted into cash according to the needs of K-Bank.”

According to K Bank, in the case of loans, 100% non-face-to-face apartment mortgage loans are gaining popularity, and emergency money loans that can be applied for 24 hours are well received for the convenience of completing the loan process in one minute.

An official from K Bank said, “We will further diversify our Yeosu Bank portfolio by introducing a deposit loan for cheonsei and a cross-dollar loan after the recent release of emergency money loans and renewal of Plus Box.”