Dego.Financ Product Director: NFT ignores its inherent value in the process of applying it in the field of art


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At 21:00 on September 29th, Dego Financ core developer Javert and Dego Financ product director Jonathan visited the MXC matcha community to share topics. The following is a record shared by Javert and Jonathan:

Molly : Before our formal dialogue, can you introduce your background, team members and how you entered the digital currency field?

Javert : Of course, we still tend to remain mysterious about our identity. After all, we also have our own lives and tend to remain anonymous.

However, there are 20 people in our team, most of whom are full-time and blockchain lovers. They come from all over the world.

Molly : Can you give an overview of the project?

We want to build into a DeFi fusion device. Based on the concept of “code is law”, it will be completely transparent and fair, so as to provide help for those who cannot enjoy the banking system.

We just launched the latest NFT mining pool, as follows:





Molly : Can you introduce DEGO token?

Javert: DEGO pass is an application pass in the DEGO ecosystem. You can use it to get income through mining and other methods.

Molly: People are now talking about the NFT will be accepted by more people in the future, what is your opinion? What evolution will the NFT function in the next few years? And Dego’s own vision?

Javert: Regarding the DEGO token, I would like to add a few more points. Its total supply is 21 million like BTC, to pay tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto, and I think DEGO has the best inflation model in the DeFi and NFT fields.

Jonathan: In my opinion, NFT is a decentralized asset composed of artworks and their ownership. In the past, NFT was mainly used in the field of art, ignoring its own inherent value. In my opinion, NFT should be like membership cards, sports equipment, etc., which can be easily accepted by the public and let people form the habit of using NFT. Then the general application of NFT will be just around the corner.

Javert: We pay tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto in this way-


Molly: DEGO NFT Kryptonite sold at a high price of 30 ETH… Does this mean that NFT is a revolution to the current DEFI boom?

Javert: I really envy those users who received Kryptonite. We have no core members. It is crazy to sell at such a high price, but compared with those art NFTs, such a price is reasonable. We will start the NFT auction in the near future. We really don’t know how many satoshis our NFT will sell, but what you should know is that NFT is more valuable than its face value because of its rarity and practicality. The practicality of our NFT is mining, so the game equipment and DeFi are well integrated.



Javert: Once again, we reiterate that we do not encourage users to speculation DEGO NFT, because these are only for NFT mining.

Molly: Ethereum fees are relatively expensive now. Has the DEGO team ever thought about switching to other chains?

Jonathan: At first we also intended to develop our own public chain, because the normal operation is to have the chain first and then Dapps, but later we decided to develop Dapps first, and then develop the public chain, otherwise it would be a wild talk.

Javert: I have to say that ETH is indeed outdated. Can you believe that just a few Dapps can make it congested? We have only been online for 2 weeks, has it become the third most expensive item in handling fees? Nevertheless, engineers like us are reluctant to migrate to other chains for the time being, just as people want to stay in their comfort zone. But this does not mean that it (Ethereum) is healthy. We believe that there will be better infrastructure soon, and we will talk about migration at that time.


Molly: It is said that the application areas of blockchain technology in the next stage will be game DeFi and NFT. What is your opinion on this? In order for DEGO to be more widely used in the future, where will the focus be placed?

Jonathan: GAME+DEFI, I think many people have no use to figure out how to integrate games into DeFi. What is a game. Simply put, if an NFT loses its speculative value, it still retains its playability. For example, there are minesweeper ships in DEGO, and we have not given them a reward mechanism, but people are willing to spend time on it. This is playability. So we are integrating more NFT playability into DeFi, combining NFTs and team battles, not just simple mining. If you want to make money, you have to think more. The enhanced version of DEGO’s game theory creates a far greater imagination than mining.

Javert: I agree with what Jon said.


Javert: I think we have to pay and get what we deserve. In the past few days, DEGO NFTs have been on the list.

Molly: What development plan does DEGO have now? What are the main competitors or potential substitutes? Where is DEGO better than them?

Jonathan: I have no comment on this .

Javert: Haha Jon, such an answer is really domineering, even if it comes from your mouth. But I encourage everyone to discover and explore, and exploring new things is always rewarding.

User: The DEGO interface is very special. It looks like an old computer screen. How did the DEGO team come up with this idea?

Javert: We have a soft spot for old things, and old things always have their own uniqueness. Glad you like it too.

User: Can you briefly talk about the community and welfare of DEGO ?

Javert: The DEGO Community Ambassador Program will be launched soon to help build our global community, so stay tuned.

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