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Ethereum Classic Labs and iZbreaker team up to make blockchain-based private online communities


Ethereum Classic Labs has partnered with iZbreaker, an invite-only, secure, blockchain-based community for connecting people with a three-degree network of friends of friends.

Ethereum Classic Labs will provide development resources to build iZbreaker and use its technical and marketing expertise to create and launch a new decentralized application.

iZbreaker aims to help participants discover connections that enrich personal, family, and professional relationships. The company will partner with Ethereum Classic Labs to build its loyalty, participation, and content creation rewards that will facilitate a variety of transactions within the community. iZbreaker embraces Ethereum, the blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform, as the foundation for its applications.

“The main mission of iZbreaker is to ‘amplify serendipity.’ So much of social media is about focusing on other people’s past. iZbreaker is about paying attention to our own future and capturing the opportunities around us,” said iZbreaker founder and CEO Erik Wachtmeister in a statement. “The iZbreaker target community are already connected by three degrees of separation. By leveraging the platform, members will significantly enhance opportunities to interact based on their existing personal network, interests, mode, intent, and location.”

Wacthmeister added, “After extensive due diligence, it is clear that ETC Labs and building on Ethereum Classic’s public blockchain is ideal to unleash the power of iZbreaker, achieving our goal of delivering a secure, user-guided discovery experience. It also enables meaningful connections for the world’s most connected and influential individuals, including industry influencers, artists, athletes, fashionistas, actors, politicians, and entrepreneurs.”

Community spirit

iZbreaker said it addresses the current gap in social media for user-guided, relevant interactions that feel like real-life engagements. Whether locating and mapping friends and connections in real time, based on location and interests, or searching for opportunities, like-minded groups, advice, ideas, or inspiration, iZbreaker wants to foster true community in a trusted environment.

“We were excited about the iZbreaker project and team from the beginning and thought it was an ideal fit for Ethereum Classic’s security, low transaction fees, and stability,” said Terry Culver, Ethereum Classic Labs’ CEO, in a statement. “iZbreaker’s unique approach lets participants expand and capture their community of friends of friends online and share their information on a public chain while preserving data sovereignty, integrity, and security.”

Ethereum Classic is a public blockchain that provides a trusted environment with immutable records and fast, secure, decentralized transaction validation, the company said. ETC Labs recently unveiled Studio, a new program that helps build, launch, and support new projects on Ethereum.

Participants in the program receive technical expertise and support for emerging companies looking to build new projects on Ethereum Classic.

iZbreaker offers features such as the use of proximity discovery, current modes, respective freemium access to a Lounge feature, and invitation-only access to the Club feature.

iZbreaker’s platform will be compliant with ERC-20 — the Ethereum Classic standard for smart contracts, or applications that run on the blockchain.

Connecting people

“The way we connect as people in the digital age has declined greatly from what excited and delighted us for thousands of years when making connections. We’re about to change that with iZbreaker,” said iZbreaker president Jay Kolbe in a statement. “With the help of ETC Labs guidance and technology expertise, we look forward to enabling a special community to make user-guided, authentic, and trusted connections that enrich lives, families, and business endeavors.”

Ethereum Classic Labs said it offers smart contracts, EVM, and decentralized public ledgers that are based off the same core code as Ethereum. ETC Labs has built development tools and a configuration suite to make it easier and faster for developers to create decentralized applications with a secure and stable Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm.

Both companies are self-funded. Ethereum Classic Labs was founded a year ago and has 20 employees, while iZbreaker has 15.

Additional comments

In an email, Wachtmeister elaborated on iZbreaker’s strategy.

So much of social media is about focusing on other people’s pasts. iZbreaker is about paying attention to our own future. Ask yourself the key question: ‘Would you rather focus on your own tomorrow or other people’s yesterday?’ If the answer is your own tomorrow, then we can provide the relevance, trust, and meaning to your online interactions, and particularly around your passions and strong interests.

iZbreaker is disrupting what has become the ‘new normal’ of social media. Today, people have a false sense of belonging summarized by the notion of ‘along together.’ iZbreaker is about sincerely ‘connecting people in order to foster real life interactions and amplifying serendipity. Our goal is providing a trustful environment where people have confidence of sharing information to better connect with more relevant, meaningful relationships.

The partnership with Ethereum Classic Labs allows us to create a strong, trusting community that gets away from today’s social media that is dominated by vanity, self-expression, and living in the past. Ethereum Classic ensures security data integrity for the iZbreaker community to grow and freely engage with each other that is based on who you are, whom you know, where you are, current perspective, passions, and need for privacy.

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