Ethernity Chain, Partnership with Boss Logic… NFT exclusive auction started


[Blockchain Today Reporter Park Yohan] Cointelegraph announced that the community-centered irreplaceable token platform Ethernity Chain has signed an agreement with graphic artist BossLogic to launch a dedicated line of tokenized artwork for the community. Reported.

Under the new agreement, Bose Logic will generate 2,500 NFTs in the Ethernity Chain network alone. Each NFT is priced at 0.299 Ethereum. The competition will start on the 14th (local time) and the winners will be notified via e-mail.

To participate in the competition, you must follow Ethernity Chain and Boss Logic on Twitter, and participate in the Ethernity Chain Telegram and ANN channels. In addition, users must tweet the BossLogic announcement again, tag two friends, and use hashtags such as △Eern △Bosslogic △EthernityChain △NFT. The entry form is provided for the user to respond.

The company said in an interview with Cointelegraph that it will reward the Ethernity chain community through an exclusive NFT auction.

The company said, “Since the first announcement, we have witnessed the growth of the Ethernity Chain community into a global community almost overnight. The demand for whitelisting is so high that we have access to the first official Ethernity chain NFT “I wanted to provide it to our community.”

Bosslogic has the largest number of works in the NFT field and sold $3.6 million worth of digital art in February alone. The company is a graphic artist, working with Disney, Marvel Studios and other art-focused companies.

The NFT market is experiencing explosive growth in response to the demand for digital collectibles from more and more users. As reported by Cointelegraph recently, the NBA’s top star posted sales of $230 million, supporting the growth of blockchain-based digital art.