From investment giants to listed companies, can the Bitcoin buying boom last?


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The statistics show that Microstrategy, Galaxy Digital (Digital Galaxy Capital), and Square are among the largest companies paying attention to and holding Bitcoin. Among them, MicroStrategy currently owns 38,250 BTC (currently valued at approximately US$425 million), second only to Grayscale Investment Corporation.

MicroStrategy: Bitcoin is “harder” than gold

So far, MicroStrategy has converted its $425 million in cash into 38,250 bitcoins, becoming the first public company in the world to publicly announce bitcoin as an asset allocation.

In MicroStrategy’s view, Bitcoin may be used as a hedging tool in an uncertain global situation.

Square: Bitcoin is the native currency of the Internet

Galaxy Digital: Bitcoin price potential exceeds 60 times

He revealed his cryptocurrency positions on Twitter in September, and Bitcoin accounts for 87% of his portfolio.

The impact of the company’s “buying tide” on the market

First of all, the “mainstream trend” of Bitcoin can continue.

Second, strengthen the buying confidence in the Bitcoin market.

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