Hashnet to hold the 8th Hashnet Blockchain Meetup on the 25th


[Blockchain Today Reporter Jihye Han] Hashnet, a blockchain and cryptocurrency information portal operator, announced on the 23rd that it will hold the ‘8th Hashnet Blockchain Meetup’ at The Hue Wedding Hall, IK Tower, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 25th.

This event will showcase blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that bring changes in real life.

△Elysium-G △Sector of land △EXVA △AWN (AWN) △Big One, etc. . In addition, panel discussions, audience Q&A sessions, lottery events, and networking will be held.

The first presentation theme is’Elysium-G, GHB Blockchain Platform Ecosystem and Application of Cryptocurrency to Real Life’. Vice President Choi Hyun-gyu of GHB Co., Ltd. will make a presentation. The cryptocurrencies issued by GBC are’Coin Elysium-G’ and’Elysium Token (LCT)’. Elysium-G is a cryptocurrency developed by GHB and is used as a cost for block generation and as a means of storing future value. Elysium tokens are used as fees for using the GBC platform.

The second theme is the’Sector O Brand, Feng Shui App Project’ conducted by Sector O Brand, CEO Seon Kwang-gyu. Sector of Land is a cryptocurrency created by applying blockchain technology to the real estate field. Sector O-Brand Coin is provided as a reward to users who are actively active in the community ecosystem for real estate information sharing. A feng shui application that provides users with customized information such as real estate location selection is scheduled to be released in April.

The third theme is’X-Bar, a payment paradigm’ presented by Do-Hyun Ryu, CEO of Pay&Pay. EXVA is a combination of’Exchange’ meaning’exchange’ and’Value’ meaning value and cost, and is a payment cryptocurrency. ‘Exva Token’ is issued based on Ethereum ERC-20.

The fourth speaker is Seok-Joo Oh, Chief Marketing Officer of the AWN Foundation, and will present’AWN based on the real economy, vision as a digital asset’. AWN (A Double United Nations) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency promoted by the AWN Foundation. It has a local subsidiary in Lugano, Switzerland, and obtained a no-action letter from Finnmar, Switzerland in 2018. Beyond the online shopping mall, it is about to launch a non-app’Value Sour’ to build a new transaction type digital exchange market.

The last presenter is Winston Kim, Director of Big One Korea. The theme is’Big One Exchange Introduction & Defi World’. Big One is a cryptocurrency exchange in China founded by INBlockchain. Since the first half of 2020, it has entered the Korean market in earnest and supports margin trading, contract trading, and OTC trading services including spot trading.

Meanwhile, Hashnet, which hosted this event, is preparing for the Corona 19 quarantine event. Up to 99 people can enter the venue on a first-come, first-served basis, with a total of 250 participants, and late-arrived participants can visit in the waiting room next to the venue. Upon entry, hand sanitization and heating checks are required, followed by electronic access list (QR code).

Lee Jong-won, the new CEO of Hashnet Co., Ltd., said, “Due to Corona 19 in 2020, major blockchain and cryptocurrency events have almost disappeared. However, from 2021, events in compliance with the quarantine guidelines will be held again.”