HealthTrends.AI rolls out a Chainlink oracle node to offer COVID-19 data


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  • This launch seeks to inspire the development of smart contracts in various healthcare fields.
  • The Chainlink oracle node will cryptographically sign all COVID-19 data to ensure authenticity.
  • Per HealthTrend.AI, legacy data sources cannot source and disseminate data effectively.

HealthTrends.AI, a renowned source for healthcare data, is planning to provide state-certified COVID-19 data through various blockchain networks. The firm unveiled this news via an official announcement on its website on December 16, noting that it aims to launch a Chainlink oracle node, which will allow it to share COVID-19 data through its Coronavirus API. In so doing, the company hopes to inspire the creation of a broad range of new smart contract applications in varying healthcare fields, including Life, P&C, and Health Insurance among others.

According to the announcement, HealthTrends.AI also seeks to illustrate how traditional data providers can integrate oracles to work in synergy with blockchain-based systems and deliver real-world value. Per the company, its Chainlink oracle node will also cryptographically sign all data. In so doing, the firm will ensure that all applications depending on it know its valid and that it came from the Coronavirus API directly. As such, all the entities that rely on the broadcasted information, which include supply chain managers and financial entities, will get a safe way to develop data-based business processes, which chain react swiftly to COVID-19-related health issues.

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Using the blockchain to turn public health data into actionable information

According to HealthTrends.AI, its mission is to help organizations turn public health data into actionable information. The company takes pride in using legally-verified public health data because it is compliant and dependable when it comes to completing key business decisions.

Although many governmental and non-governmental organizations offer public health data, HealthTrends.AI claims that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed flaws in many traditional data outlets. Per HealthTrends.AI, these flaws have unveiled that the data outlets are incapable of gathering and distributing data on a scale that can spur the exchange of real economic value.

However, the firm alleges that unlike other coronavirus data sources, which get data from news and human sources, its Coronavirus API offers a record of data from US government websites.

Commenting on this development, Susan Joseph, HealthTrends.AI’s co-founder, and CEO said COVID-19 is a stress-test that represents every aspect of the healthcare system.

She added that,

“HealthTrends.AI is upgrading the data layer of public health, and by launching a Chainlink node, we’re expanding our reach to the growing field of smart contract applications. Soon, decentralized healthcare apps around the world will have access to high-quality, legally compliant, and cryptographically signed COVID-19 data, empowering developers to re-architect how we build healthcare infrastructure in the modern world.”

Increasing adoption of Chainlink oracles

This news comes as multiple organizations in different fields continue teaming up with Chainlink to better their operations. This month, the Orion Protocol a decentralized liquidity aggregator, partnered with Chainlink to provide real-time data from the crypto market to Chainlink oracles in a bid to enhance price discovery. Apart from this, Dock, a blockchain-based platform that offers businesses and developers a solution for creating and managing digital credentials, also teamed up with Chainlink. The deal involved integrating Chainlink Price Feeds to let issuers price identity services on the Dock Network in US Dollars.