ICOC selected’Hite Zero’ as the official drink for the International Brain Sports Competition


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jihye Han] The International Brain Sports Association (ICOC) announced on the 27th that Hite Jinro Beverage Co., Ltd.’Hite Zero’ has been selected as the designated drink for the 2021 International Brain Sports Competition.

ICOC, headquartered in the UK, plans to host an international competition in Taiwan in October this year by expanding to 12 sports such as Go, Chess, Shogi, Bridge, Mahjong, Screen Golf, Billiards, Caro, and Speed ​​Cube.

ICOC said, “The healthy taste of All-Free Hite Zero, which even pregnant people can drink, was selected with the desire to enjoy the healthy taste of ICOC International Brain Sports together.” “Not only athletes, but also foreign foreigners participating in the competition. I will actively participate in public relations.”

HITEJINRO Beverage Co., Ltd.’s renewal product’All Free, Hite Zero’ is a major renewal after 9 years of launch.It has zero alcohol, as well as zero calories, sugar, and sodium for the first time in Korea. It is a next-generation health carbonated drink that has been utilized.

The ICOC International Brain Sports Competition is preparing for a festival that Asians can enjoy as one with an officially designated drink through an international competition centered on Korea, China and Japan in October 2021. In particular, Go, Chess, and Chinese Shogi were selected as official events for the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. These board games, which are called mind sports, are officially recognized overseas as brain sports that utilize the brain.

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