ICONLOOP participates in Jeju-style shared logistics platform ‘Modang’ construction project

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[Blockchain Today Reporter Lee Ji-eun] ICONLOOP (CEO Kim Jong-hyeop), a representative block chain company in Korea, announced on the 24th that it is participating in the project to build a Jeju-type shared logistics platform ‘Modang’, which has started pilot service demonstration.

The Jeju-style shared logistics platform ‘Modang’ is a project that Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (hereafter referred to as Jeju Island) has been pursuing since selecting ‘2021 Digital Logistics Service Demonstration Project’ by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in May. has been selected as a business operator and has been building the platform.

‘Modang’, a Jeju-style shared logistics platform, aims to overcome the regional limitations of an island and realize a central city of digital shared logistics where people and nature coexist. It is an open platform that provides ‘joint delivery service’ and ‘shared space matching service’. Through this, we plan to alleviate the inconvenience of local residents due to the impossibility of delivery to island areas, provide and expand joint logistics services for Jeju companies, and spread the sharing economy paradigm by sharing the necessary space.

ICONLOOP participated in the construction of ‘Modang”s blockchain-based logistics history management system and payment part. By applying ‘loopchain’, a self-developed high-performance block chain engine, it enables safe and transparent logistical history management through data automation of existing manual documents and encryption of product and product identification information.

ArtPQ, which has been building this platform together with ICONLOOP, has been focusing on application software development, database construction, and web-related technology development, while developing contents and cultural art products based on Jeju cultural content, accumulating technology and various experiences for 20 years. It is an excellent company in Jeju-do.

The demonstration of the ‘Modang’ pilot service is from November 24 to December 20 in the case of the ‘Jeju product joint delivery service’ and the ‘shared space matching service’ and 12 in the case of the ‘Island area undeliverable product joint delivery service’. It runs from January 1st to December 20th. The target of participating in the demonstration of the ‘Jeju-made joint delivery service’ is the companies that use the Jeju joint logistics service. Public participation in the demonstration can be applied by checking the post (recruitment of the Jeju-type shared logistics platform ‘Modang’ demonstration team) posted on the news on the Jeju Island website.

Based on close cooperation with Jeju Island and Art PQ, ICONLOOP will apply the findings from the pilot service demonstration period to platform development, conduct pilot operations for logistics companies and users in the first half of next year, and start official services in the second half of 2022. Is expected.

Jonghyup Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP, said, “I am happy to be able to apply our blockchain technology to Jeju’s first digital shared logistics platform with this project. We will make an example,” he added.

Previously, ICONLOOP jointly developed the Jeju-style tourism quarantine system ‘Jeju Safe Code’ through a public-private cooperation agreement with Jeju Island. The ‘Jeju Relief Code’, which has been well received by many users and businesses throughout Jeju, was also selected as ‘the best case for improving the Jeju Island civil complaint system in 2021’ and is becoming a model of sustainable tourism and quarantine model.


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