In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?


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What do you know about these 10 NFT games that YGG has invested in and established partnerships with?

Original title: ” 10 NFT games invested by YGG and game assets held by YGG
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The prospect of “playing and earning” games is attractive. This model not only affects the traditional e-sports industry, but in many low-income countries, more and more people are beginning to try to earn income by playing games, which means “playing The “make money” game has become a revolutionary new employment model. There is no doubt that chain games have become the main force currently promoting the popularization and adoption of cryptocurrencies, which may have a positive impact on the lives of millions or even billions of people.

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a NFT decentralized autonomous organization that mainly helps investors gather assets and bet on NFT profits, and ultimately share profits with supporters. At present, YGG mainly focuses on the game NFT field. Just like real estate, the virtual economic activities of games will be carried out on virtual land. Due to the scarcity of virtual land, the demand for virtual land in blockchain games will continue to increase.

This article will introduce ten games that YGG has invested in and established partnerships with. These games all have the following features in common:

  1. Focus on NFT;

  2. Players have their own game assets and can manipulate, lend, trade or sell these assets.

  3. All these games have a strong revenue component, so players can generate income.

  4. These games have a guild, team, or alliance component to motivate the team.

Below, let us see which 10 models have won the favor of YGG:

League of Kingdoms

This game supports PC and mobile terminals. It is an empire building simulation game with medieval and fantasy elements.

League of Kingdoms is cleverly divided into non-blockchain and blockchain components, which means that players participating in the game do not need to have a cryptocurrency background. For those players who are interested in blockchain components, League of Kingdoms supports players to build kingdoms on land owned by themselves or others, and can also sell plots as NFTs. According to the relative activities of players on their land, when When players acquire resources on the land, the landlord can acquire the corresponding DAI tokens and a certain amount of resources.

The screenshots of League of Kingdoms game live are as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

In addition to the land ownership part, the resources accumulated in the game (such as gold, wood, and food) can also be tokenized and sold on the open market as NFT.

In January 2021, YGG acquired a portion of the land in the League of Kingdoms game, and built a business there for good future development. This game focuses on multiplayer strategy and emphasizes cooperative efforts. YGG invests in land and other profitable NFT resources to our players, so that players can earn profits and ultimately own their own resources.

Up to now, YGG DAO Treasury holds 286 pieces of land in the League of Kingdoms.

F1 Delta Time

In F1 Delta Time, a Formula One driving simulation game, NFT can be used to represent cars, drivers, car parts, helmets, and other racing-related items. F1 Delta Time players can fine-tune their vehicles, learn how to control these, and complete time trials to qualify for multiplayer competitions. Contest winners can receive REVV token rewards, which can be used to buy game items or sell on the open market.

The screenshot of the F1 Delta Time homepage is as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

YGG decided to invest in F1 Delta Time for two main reasons: First, if your car wants to run faster, you need to continuously upgrade your skills (from intermediate to strong). Skills can play many different roles in the race; second, F1 Delta Time attaches great importance to team racing activities.

YGG DAO vault currently holds 130 general keys and 328 parts of F1 Delta Time.

The Sandbox

Compared with most of the online games mentioned in this article, The Sandbox is still in the beta stage, but players can still buy plots of virtual land in the game.

The Sandbox does not restrict players from using pre-existing game components, and also encourages creators to build their own in-game items from scratch. Through the functional token SAND based on Ethereum, players can create and own different game experiences and get benefits from them. Game players can create NFT digital assets through The Sandbox Game Maker, upload them to the store, and create a game experience through a simple drag-and-drop method.

Land owners can do whatever they see fit on their plots—even develop their own games, rules, and reward systems for anyone’s participation or just a selected group.

The screenshot of The Sandbox homepage is as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

The Sandbox is reshaping the concept of the virtual world by adding new creativity and flexibility, and YGG sees the huge potential of this game. The Sandbox currently has 62,000 members, and the user base is as large as YGG. The YGG union has one of the most creative members. The Sandbox gives them a place to use their talents.

YGG DAO vault currently has 180 NFTs, representing the LAND assets in The Sandbox.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an ambitious space-themed game that combines a series of novel elements, including exploration, colonization, and battle.

This game has not been officially launched, and it is expected to be developed for at least another year or so, but when it is released, this game is likely to become the most advanced game of its kind. Players can get encrypted rewards through single-player events and fighting competitions, and NFT will reward the winners in the competition.

The screenshots of the Star Atlas game are as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

YGG appreciates the efforts made by Star Atlas and believes that the game will provide some exciting new methods to passively earn/actively earn revenue. Because this game also has intricate cooperation elements, such as: Interstellar, Destiny 2, Dreadnought, Horizon Dawn, The Sims Online, Ultima Online, Warhammer, Movie-Love Death Robot, Terminator: Dark Fate, Captain Marvel, X Men: Black Phoenix, Return of Superman, Spider-Man, etc., so it is very exciting.

YGG DAO has established a strategic partnership with Star Atlas.


Illuvium has a completely original, high-quality, four-dimensional NFT design (so far, most other NFT-based games are two-dimensional works of art), as a modern role-playing game (RPG), in which players can collect, breed, and A combat character called Illuvials.

By defeating computer opponents, players can obtain different amounts of ILV-Illuvium game built-in tokens, and game characters can also use various items to upgrade and store them as NFTs. In addition, Illuvium uses the Ethereum second-tier solution Immutable X, which means that players can save a lot of gas when making NFT transfers on the Ethereum network.

The screenshots of Illuvium’s pre-release game are as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

Like YGG, Illuvium is currently transitioning to the DAO state, which means that the future of the game will be in the hands of players and ILV token holders.

YGG DAO made an early investment in Illuvium.


ZED RUN is a virtual horse racing game with the background of the future online world. Users can own, trade, breed (generate new genetic combinations for offspring) horse racing and participate in all-weather competitions, as well as purchase horse racing NFT. Players need to pay the entrance fee to participate in the competition, and the top-ranked horse owners will receive part of the proceeds. ZED RUN is issued by Virtually Human Studio, with more than 100,000 community members, and 1,200 games are broadcast live every day. Every digital racehorse has its own DNA, and some racehorses will be stronger, faster, and rarer, which gives them high value.

The screenshots of the ZED RUN live game are as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

ZED RUN is based on the Polygon network (formerly Matic), which means that transactions related to ZED RUN games are almost free and can be settled almost immediately. This game seeks to democratize its ownership and will continue to evolve based on player feedback, which is completely consistent with YGG’s “player first” development philosophy.

YGG is forming a team of players to build a ZED RUN horse racing stable for competition and breeding. YGG’s long-term plan is to establish a “child DAO” dedicated to managing ZED RUN under the YGG DAO.

YGG DAO vault currently has 118 Zed Run horses.

Guild of Guardians

Unlike many other games mentioned in this article, Guild of Guardians is a purely mobile game, (like Illuvium) built on the second-tier Ethereum solution Immutable X.

This game is described as a multiplayer fantasy action role-playing game in which players compete for rewards through teamwork. Expected to be released in 2022, the Guild of Guardians game trailer is so stunning that it almost matches any of the best mobile games currently available.

A screenshot of the pre-alpha game from the Guild of Guardians YouTube channel is as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

YGG has purchased an extremely rare Mythic Guild NFT in Guild of Guardians, allowing the owner to create a guild with up to 50 elite members-the largest of its kind in this game.

YGG also purchased 50 Adventurers Guilds, allowing YGG to attract up to 1,000 members of its own guild to play the game.

In summary, the YGG DAO vault currently has 1 Mythic Guild, 50 Adventurers Guild, and 70 Legendary Heroes.

Ember Sword (Ember Sword)

Ember Sword combines fantasy, exploration, and strategy-based gameplay. It describes itself as an “ultimate sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game.” This game perfectly combines advanced game mechanics with the latest smart contract development. Together.

In-game items are called “cosmetics” and are distributed to players in the form of NFT. Ember Sword’s in-game token is Ember-a token that can be passively obtained through land ownership or by completing tasks and killing monsters.

A screenshot of the Ember Sword promotional video on YouTube is as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

Although the game itself is still under development, YGG has acquired some important assets of Ember Sword and has already experienced the high degree of flexibility this game provides players and landowners. In addition, this game has the potential to create more innovative forms of economic activity for Metaverse

YGG DAO currently holds 16 NFTs in the treasury, representing 16 urban plots in Ember Sword.


Splinterlands is a turn-based digital trading card game that supports three different blockchains (Ethereum, TRON, and WAX). It is similar to Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, but the gameplay is more diverse. Card NFTization, and new elements such as land auction, NFT card trading, and card synthesis have also been added. The game is currently online and supports desktop clients and mobile devices. Splinterlands allows anyone to play and earn cards and other resources. Players need to create a set of cards to defeat their opponents. Cards have 7 different attributes, and the value of each attribute is different in the battle, which also determines the rarity of different cards.

These NFT cards can be purchased in digital packages and then traded on the open market. Players collect cards, assemble their decks, and then fight for prizes, pit their monsters against each other, and fight with magic and special abilities.

The screenshots of the Splinterlands game are as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

Since 2018, Splinterlands has developed more than 250,000 players, proving that its products are not only practical but also popular. YGG has invested in various types of Splinterlands digital assets, including card packages, land that can generate and sell resources, etc.

YGG DAO vault currently has 6,252 Splinterlands Regions and Untamed packages.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-style game, and it is this game that opened YGG’s “play while earning” journey. As a player-to-player (or player-to-computer) game, players can breed digital pets called Axies in it, and then let the pets play against each other.

Game teams need to compete with each other, and only the winner will be rewarded. Rewards are provided in the form of SLP tokens (tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain). If gamers want to breed their Axies, they also need to use SLP tokens. Axies are made up of NFTs, and some of the rarest Axies have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the NFT market.

The screenshots of the Axie Infinity game are as follows:

In addition to Axie Infinity, which NFT games does YGG favor?

In August 2021, Axie Infinity reached a milestone: the number of daily active users exceeded 1 million, making it the largest blockchain game in the world.

Axie Infinity is the main source of income in the early stages of YGG DAO. To date, YGG members have obtained more than 64 million SLP tokens, with a cumulative value of approximately US$9.77 million.

YGG DAO Treasury currently holds 26,000 Axies NFTs (estimated value up to 3.9 million U.S. dollars) and 235 Axie Infinity plots (valued approximately 2.3 million U.S. dollars).

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