It is rumored that the “owed accounts” have been filled, and Bitmain will hold a conference in Hainan to promote sales


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Wu said that the blockchain has exclusively learned that Bitmain will hold a miners conference in Sanya, Hainan in early November to promote sales and promotion of related businesses at the end of the year and next year. In addition to mining machine sales, business departments such as mining pools, cloud computing power, and finance will also participate in co-hosting.

At the same time, Wu said that the blockchain has learned that Bitmain’s second supply chain in Shenzhen has begun stable shipments, and many large miners have already received and excavated. It is expected that the second supply chain will clear the previous “debts” in October, and will officially tie in November and sell November futures.

On July 6, 2020, Wu Jihan established Shenzhen Siji Yanghang Technology Co., Ltd. for delivery, which is the so-called “second supply chain”. The original Bitmain factory, Shenzhen Century Cloud Core, is in a state of suspension due to the control of the Zhan Ke group. At present, there are a large number of lawsuits ensuing, and some mining machines have been seized.

There is also a rumor surrounding the Sanya meeting that Zhan Ketuan and Wu Jihan will join hands to attend the Sanya Miners Conference and announce a settlement. The organizers of the conference explicitly denied the news. Earlier, Wu said that the blockchain also disclosed that the two parties have currently proposed six possible negotiation plans, but each one is full of difficulties and there is almost no progress.

Of course, we cannot rule out, in case there is a rapid breakthrough within half a month. But in terms of rationality, before the Cayman lawsuit has decisive progress to one side, it is impossible for any party to compromise. (After all, holding the Antminer supported by TSMC is still too profitable)

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From the perspective of Zhan Ketuan, he believes that he is a major shareholder and Cayman will win, so naturally he will not compromise, and reconciliation is not an expedient measure. From Wu Jihan’s perspective, he has the support of most customers, employees, and investors. , Naturally will not quit willingly.

Reference: Has Wu Jihan returned to Bitmain and settled in January? Zhan Ke Tuan really lost? (Bitmain series 24)

Another rumor was released to the media by a miner voluntarily, saying that under the pressure and coordination of Shen Nanpeng, Zhan Ketuan and Wu Jihan withdrew each other’s complaints. Zhan Ketuan led the mining machine, and Du Shisheng was in charge of sales; Wu Jihan led the finance, and Li Mine was in charge.

传“欠账”已补齐,比特大陆将在海南开大会促销售 A number of people familiar with the matter revealed that the purpose of releasing this rumor was that a certain miner tried to ship goods and used the media to release false information. After that, the media also found something wrong and immediately deleted the article. Many miners also reported that one party sold some faulty mining machines in the warehouse to unsuspecting customers in order to obtain cash, resulting in rights protection. At present, the reputation is extremely poor and no one dares to buy. A number of major miners in the industry also reminded that they must consult the other party’s reputation and history before buying mining machines to avoid being deceived.

Finally, there is a rumor that the withdrawal of Huawei’s production capacity caused Bitmain to obtain some new production capacity, which in turn caused other manufacturers to panic, because a large number of S19 shipments will increase the overall computing power under the condition of Samsung’s insufficient production capacity. This rumor has also been falsified by people in the supply chain. The priority of mining machine chips is low. At present, TSMC’s original Huawei production capacity will give priority to Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD and other major manufacturers, and there is not much left to Bitmain.

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