JP Morgan Co-CEO “Someday we will enter the cryptocurrency market”


While Wall Street financial companies are proclaiming to enter the cryptocurrency (virtual currency) market such as bitcoin one after another, the CEO of JP Morgan, a famous investment bank on Wall Street, said, “JP Morgan will also enter the cryptocurrency market someday,” CNBC said. Reported on the 15th.

Daniel Pinto, co-representative of JP Morgan, told CNBC that “not right now, but if there is demand, JP Morgan should also enter the bitcoin market” related to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

He added that the entry point “can be accelerated if there is a lot of demand from investors.”

CNBC assessed this as a tremendous step in light of another co-president, Jamie Daemon’s remarks that “cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are fraudulent”.

Jamie Demon, Co-CEO of JPMorgan-Capture the company website

Daemon once said this when cryptocurrency was rising in 2017.

Cryptocurrency peaked in 2017 and entered hibernation in 2018 and 2019, but after the pandemic of Corona 19, central banks around the world are making use of ultra-low interest rate policies and are on the rise again in 2020.

In particular, when famous Wall Street financial companies announced successively entering the cryptocurrency market, on the 14th (local time), Bitcoin, a representative cryptocurrency, reached $50,000.