#JustinSun paid $4.57M to shill #TRON to Warren Buffet, Twitter trolled him mercilessly


Justin Sun revealed he’s paid millions of dollars for a lunch date with investing legend Warren Buffet. As expected, Crypto-Twitter had lots to say.

Sun, founder of the TRON blockchain and BitTorrent CEO, confirmed the ball-twisting $4.57 million bid late yesterday, a new record for the annual auction for dining exclusively with Buffet. Last year’s winner paid $3.3 million.

In a blog, Sun pledged to sway Buffet, a notorious Bitcoin skeptic, towards cryptocurrency. Sun also said he would be inviting six “industry leaders” to join their lunch in support.

This is when the Twitterverse unleashed its barrage of ridicule.

Roughly six hours after Sun announced the coup, Bitcoin ironically fell below $8,000 for the first time in a week, and more than $15.7 billion suddenly drained from global cryptocurrency markets.

Earlier this month, Buffet confirmed he still considered Bitcoin more of a “gambling device” than an investment. Last year, he labeled Bitcoin “rat poison squared” — something the cryptocurrency community is yet to forget.

All joking aside, Sun’s BitTorrent (BTT) cryptocurrency took a major hit too. At pixel time, it’s down over 10 percent, while TRX remains steady, dropping just 2 percent.



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