Lee Jae-myung “Promoting blockchain-based development profit sharing”… Industry “welcome” atmosphere


[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] It has been confirmed that Lee Jae-myung, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, is reviewing a blockchain-based development benefit sharing system for the entire nation. He also mentioned the revitalization of the cryptocurrency market.

According to industry sources, on the 8th, Candidate Lee emphasized the need for a system based on block chain technology as a measure to recover unearned income from real estate at the party’s Central Election Countermeasures Committee held at the National Assembly on the 8th.

He emphasized, “It may be unfamiliar, but I have a memory of allocating public corporation stocks to the people in the past, so that a specific minority cannot monopolize the development profits generated from the exercise of public power, and a blockchain-based national development system is also necessary.” It is introduced in a new way,” he explained.

At the same time, he mentioned the cryptocurrency market along with a review of the national development profit sharing system based on blockchain. Candidate Lee said, “It is necessary to prevent a certain minority of corrupt groups from monopolizing the unearned income of real estate, and I think that it will be possible with a blockchain-based public development profit sharing system. There will be,” he said.

Candidate Lee said, “I have a memory of allocating public corporation stocks to the public in the past. It was modernized.” Also, to the leadership such as Song Young-gil, “I ask you to give more capacity and supplement the necessary policies and systems so that you can have expectations that ‘The Democratic Party is becoming a new party, and it will be reborn as a party that cares for the lives of the people as a reform party'” asked.

Cryptocurrency industry officials, who have been plagued with regulations so far, are in an atmosphere of being able to rest for a while about this candidate’s remarks. This is because Candidate Lee’s remarks are seen as implying that the country will bring the blockchain industry to the bright spot and promote it based on policy.

Candidate Lee also added, “There are many reasons why the youth lost hope, but it cannot be said that the Democratic Party and the ruling party are not responsible. We will deeply reflect on that and create new alternatives in the future.”

In response, Lee Han-young, chairman of the Korea Blockchain Business Promotion Association, one of the industry’s leading associations, said, “I strongly support the use of blockchain in all aspects of real life in the next administration.”


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