Looking forward to next week | Alaya welcomes sojourners to upgrade, PlatON is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem soon


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In addition, the voting on the proposal to suspend xSUSHI and DPI borrowing functions initiated by the on-chain risk simulation platform Gauntlet in the Aave community will end on November 1 (next Monday).

The new version of Sojourner (Sojourner) of the new version of PlatON meta-network Alaya is scheduled to start on November 2 (next Tuesday). PlatON meta-network Alaya was officially launched at 10:24 on October 24, 2020. On Alaya, PlatON encourages technical teams and developers to build and deploy various distributed applications including DeFi, and experience PlatON’s staking, node election, verification, and governance functions in a completely real environment. Previously, PlatON meta-network Alaya’s AIP-17 proposal was passed with high votes, and Alaya network has been upgraded to version 0.16.0.

In addition, the privacy AI computing network PlatON said that the new version of the bottom layer to be released will be fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem and achieve a seamless connection between PlatON and the Ethereum platform. And in order to further verify the compatibility, reliability and experience of the PlatON network with the Ethereum ecological tools, PlatON will carry out a month-long Ethereum ecological tool/application migration verification activity in the meta network Alaya.

The voting on the proposal to suspend xSUSHI and DPI borrowing functions initiated by Gauntlet, an on-chain risk simulation platform in the Aave community, will end on November 1 (next Monday). On October 30, the decentralized lending protocol Aave released a tweet saying that the on-chain risk simulation platform Gauntlet initiated a proposal in the Aave community, proposing to temporarily suspend the borrowing function of xSUSHI and DPI (DeFi Pulse Index) in Aave V2. In addition, as a precaution Measures, the proposal also proposes to freeze deposits, borrowings and interest rate swaps of UNI/BAL in the AMM market under the Aave Agreement. Aave stated that community members are worried that xSUSHI may have potential loopholes as collateral. The Gauntlet team has shown after several simulations that under current conditions, attackers who manipulate xSUSHI tokens under the Aave protocol will suffer losses. However, in order to reduce future risks, it is proposed The proposal.

In addition, the stablecoin protocol Angle, led by a16z, announced that it will be launched on the main network on November 3 (next Wednesday), and the euro stable currency agEUR will be launched simultaneously. The liquidity between governance tokens ANGLE and ETH will also be deployed to SushiSwap , Will also launch a liquidity mining plan. Angle will also support the US dollar stable currency agUSD afterwards. Compared with traditional AMM, because agToken is issued at the price of an oracle, there is almost unlimited liquidity during casting, so even a large AgToken will not have slippage. And agToken can obtain ANGLE governance tokens through mortgage, and ANGLE governance tokens can vote on proposals. The Angle team also stated that Angle can issue stablecoins linked to any value, as long as it has a price relationship with other assets, which means that assets that are not affected by inflation may be anchored in the future.

In terms of policy, Spark Pool will only retain the function of mining users withdrawing existing balances (anonymous mining users have completed balance settlement) from November 1 (next Monday), and will no longer provide other related services. Previously, Spark Mine Pool had issued an announcement that it would cease operations on September 30, 2021 Beijing time, and complete the shutdown of all Spark Mine Pool businesses at home and abroad under the premise of ensuring the safety of user assets.

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November 1

  • Solana ecological loan agreement Solend IDO activity open
  • Polkadot smart contract platform Moonbeam plans to integrate SushiSwap to provide transaction services for Polkadot ecological assets such as DOT
  • Beta Finance issues the first phase of liquidity mining rewards
  • DeFi loan agreement Alchemix V2 plans to submit security audit

November 2

  • Perpetual Protocol launched the V2 version of the trading contest Perfect Game on the Arbitrum testnet ended
  • WWF Germany sells NFT collection series “Non-fungible Animals” to raise funds for endangered species
  • Blockchain payment project COTI mainnet version 2.0 is online

November 3

  • Brazilian online ride-hailing company 99’s digital wallet 99Pay users can buy Bitcoin without commission

November 5

  • Boca Developers launched on the portal site for the DOT holders of the future brand logo and design Boca voting ends

November 7

  • Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex stops providing services to users in mainland China

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