Musk ‘broken heart’ Bitcoin plummets close to 6% after tweet


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Elon Musk Twitter Capture

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has moved the Bitcoin price once again.

On the 3rd (local time) on his Twitter, he posted a tweet with a broken heart-shaped emoticon next to the Bitcoin hashtag. This is interpreted to mean that Musk’s love for bitcoin is broken, and bitcoin is plummeting.

In the photo posted together, a man and a woman staring at different places appear. The woman in the photo said, “If you quote a Linkin Park song, I know that our relationship is over, but I’ve found someone else to replace.” The man replies, “After all, it doesn’t matter.”

The man’s words (‘In the end, it didn’t even matter’) are the refrain of the American rock band Linkin Park’s song ‘In the end’. This song is about regretting the time you spent together after being betrayed by someone you trusted.

Bitcoin has plummeted since Musk posted this tweet.

Before Musk tweeted, Bitcoin was hovering around $39,000. However, after this tweet, it fell 4.5% to $37,490 from 24 hours ago at 10 am (Korean time) on the 4th. Since then, the decline further widened, and as of 4 p.m., Bitcoin plunged 5.67% from 24 hours ago to $36,689, pushing it to the $36,000 level.

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At the same time, on Upbit, a Korean trading site, Bitcoin is trading at 43.3 million won, down 4.53% from 24 hours ago.

Musk’s light-hearted behavior led to an all-time low for Musk’s reputation among Twitter users. Awerio, a social media marketing firm, reported on the same day that Musk’s reputation index on Twitter has hit its lowest point since May 12 when he attacked Bitcoin.

Musk led a cryptocurrency rally in early February as Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin and said it would allow the use of bitcoin to pay for electric vehicles. However, due to environmental reasons, on May 12th, it abruptly announced the suspension of Bitcoin payments. Since then, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been on the decline.

Twitter Capture

In response to Musk’s whims, tweets that “the most hated person in the cryptocurrency market is Musk” are trending.