Musk “I didn’t sell any bitcoins”


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Musk Twitter Capture

“I didn’t sell any bitcoins,” said Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO.

Musk said on his Twitter on the 17th, “We hope to resolve the suspicion,” and “Tesla has not sold any bitcoins.”

Musk asked a Twitter user called the’BTC Archive’, “Aren’t you curious why people were upset that bitcoin fell 20% after Musk mentioned bitcoin?”

In reply to the tweet, Musk said, “Tesla hasn’t sold any bitcoins.”

Earlier, the cryptocurrency market was fluctuating greatly, with major cryptocurrencies plunging more than 10% due to rumors that Musk sold Bitcoin.

When a Twitter user named’CryptoWhale’ said, “Bitcoin investors will blame him next quarter when they find out that Musk sold all of his bitcoin, but I’m not going to blame him.” )”.

It is not clear exactly what Musk meant by the word “really”. It could mean “really” to dispose of all bitcoin, or it may be that you have asked “really” to say that he would not blame Musk even if it was revealed that he had sold all of bitcoin.

Musk Twitter Capture

Musk, however, at least did not immediately deny the alleged sale. Since then, the theory of selling bitcoin has spread in the cryptocurrency market, and major cryptocurrencies are plunging at once, with bitcoin plunging more than 10%.

As the situation worsens out of control, Musk appears to have revealed in a Twitter reply that “Tesla hasn’t sold any bitcoins.”

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