Neo N3 voting governance has been opened, a quick overview of the council’s community candidates

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The Neo N3 Council will be composed of seven consensus nodes and other council members responsible for providing services, maintaining network stability, and adjusting key blockchain parameters.

Written by: Neo

For Neo, the opinions of NEO holders matter.

On Neo N3, NEO holders have the right to participate in the governance of the Neo blockchain by electing a Neo council composed of 21 members . The Neo Council will be composed of seven consensus nodes and other council members responsible for providing services, maintaining network stability, and adjusting key blockchain parameters. NEO holders will be incentivized by GAS after successfully voting for board members.

Each NEO token represents a vote for the election of members of the Neo board of directors. Therefore, NEO holders should vote to make governance decisions that are most in line with their personal values, have a deep understanding of the Neo blockchain, and be responsible for running the board of directors. Candidates.

In order to ensure a smooth transition from Neo Legacy to Neo N3, the Neo Foundation voted for the initial members of the Neo Council with its own NEO. It includes 7 NF nodes, 4 NGD nodes and 10 nodes run by the community.

From then on, Neo’s governance rights were officially handed over to NEO holders. As a NEO holder, you have the right to vote for any Neo council member you like, and you can freely register as a council candidate. This is an important step in Neo’s decentralization.

In order to help NEO holders to fully understand the candidates before voting, we will introduce in this article ten community groups that were elected as initial members of the Neo Council, so that NEO holders can share the past experience of each candidate And have a relatively comprehensive understanding of Neo ecology and the future promise of voters.

I believe all voters can find the candidate who can best represent them.

For more information about Neo governance model, please refer to:


Since officially joining the Neo community in 2018, AxLabs has been committed to optimizing and improving the developer experience-not only has been building more friendly development tools, but also has carried out a lot of publicity around this theme.

We maintain the neow3j project together with neow3j bongo cat , the most popular and “cool” cat developer in the Neo ecosystem. The neow3j SDK and compiler allow many Java developers to write applications and smart contracts in their native programming language, benefiting many dApps and cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, we have also built Neo Playground (a browser-based IDE that can play with Neo) and many other tools, which greatly reduces the pressure on developers.

Our core values ​​are openness, transparency, decentralization and full empowerment to builders who make outstanding contributions. Therefore, we hope to enhance the comprehensive capabilities of Neo developers by establishing DAO, supporting open protocols (such as in DeFi), and providing related tools, and transform the value they create into Neo’s common interests.

AxLabs will carefully listen to the opinions and suggestions of NEO holders and other stakeholders, work together with the community, and jointly explore how the Neo network should develop in the next step.

Chain node

Chain Node (formerly Babbitt Forum) was established in 2013. It is currently the largest blockchain fan community in China and the official forum for many high-quality projects and platforms. Blockchain enthusiasts can freely discuss hot topics such as Bitcoin expansion and Ethereum hard fork in the community. Chain node is also the first Chinese blockchain community recommended by Bitcoin’s official website

In addition, the chain node also provides comprehensive community services for its users and partners, including online and offline event arrangements, AMA, live broadcast, etc. It has launched well-known event sub-brands in the industry represented by “ChainNode Chain Node Live Room” and “Chainge Technology Salon”.


Long before the YI brand was upgraded to Neo, COZ was already an important pillar of the Neo community. The COZ team provides comprehensive support for Neo’s ecological operation. It not only builds client products such as Neon and Dora, but also develops many development tools including Dora API, Boa, Mamba and Neon.js.

In addition, COZ also provided Neo with a full set of services including ecological security, development support, product design and platform architecture. If you have ever docked with the Neo blockchain, you must have used a solution from COZ. As a member of the Neo council, the COZ team will continue to play its role to ensure the stability, safety, and healthy development of the Neo ecosystem, and always put the interests of the Neo community in the first place.


Everstake is a team of experienced developers, financial experts and blockchain enthusiasts.

We use enterprise-level hardware to run highly reliable nodes for the PoS/DPoS protocol to ensure the highest efficiency and security. High-performance servers, broadband channels and advanced network topologies enable us to guarantee 99.9% uptime and fast block production.

At the beginning of 2020, Everstake became the last consensus node of the Neo N3 Preview1 testnet. After that, the team is committed to the development of NEO IDE , so that users can create Neo blockchain smart contracts directly in the browser without setting up the environment or downloading the development package.

We are honored to be a member of the Neo Council, and we are ready to support Neo and advance the development of Neo with all human and technical resources.

We believe that this innovative attempt will enable Neo to develop faster and better. Neo represents a new digital economy that can be applied to many fields including traditional markets.


InfStones is a leading global blockchain infrastructure provider. Currently, InfStones provides services to hundreds of institutional clients around the world, and supports tens of thousands of nodes on more than 50 blockchains.

We are very pleased to be able to join the Neo ecosystem at the important stage of Neo Legacy’s comprehensive upgrade to Neo N3, and we hope to use professional technology to help Neo’s upgrade and innovation. InfStones hopes to become an important infrastructure component in the Neo ecosystem and help Neo N3 realize its vision of empowering the world with blockchain technology.

Currently, InfStones is working on the development of Neo N3’s API platform-“Infura”. InfStones will provide a full set of services including public API services, full node/archive node access rights and data services for all projects, developers and users in the Neo ecosystem. These functions will become an important infrastructure component in the Neo N3 ecosystem.


In 2017, five members from COZ co-founded NEX, which later became Nash . These five members have participated in the development of many Neo core software, such as Neon wallet, Neoscan browser and neo-python. Nash’s round of fundraising was completed by issuing NEX tokens on the Neo blockchain in a safe and compliant manner. Nash is committed to the research and development of non-custodial solutions and cultivating an encryption ecosystem with blockchain compatibility. In addition, Nash has also created a cross-chain Layer 2 exchange that bridges Neo with Ethereum and Bitcoin. It not only provides centralized exchange services, but also never handles customer funds.

Since then, while still using the Layer-2 exchange as a professional solution, Nash began to turn its attention to DeFi accessibility issues in the consumer sector. Nash will soon launch a full-featured cash account with IBAN and flagship income products that can be directly integrated with cryptocurrency, Huobi Gateway and DEX markets.

Neo remains at the core of Nash’s new product lineup. Currently, the only legal currency gateway that can directly connect to Neo is provided by Nash, which brings users a Neo wallet protected by multi-party computing .

With the upgrade of Neo Legacy to Neo N3, Nash APP will continue to provide support for Neo, and hope to be able to integrate with Neo ecology in many ways through a simple and easy-to-use fiat gateway to attract a new wave of user groups. Neo N3 is extremely attractive to blockchain developers, making Neo unique and irreplaceable in the industry. Nash looks forward to embarking on a new journey with Neo.

Neo News Today

First of all, we are very honored to be selected by the Neo Foundation as one of the initial members of the Neo Council. The Neo Council needs members who can speak for the community-this is what we are practicing.

Since 2017, the Neo News Today team has been reporting the latest situation of the Neo ecology, and has built a bridge for developers and Dapps to maintain communication with the Neo community. We have cooperated with NGD to carry out activities, help community developers to conduct team promotion, and provide news, articles and interviews for pass holders for several years.

It is precisely because of our special role in the Neo ecology that we can truly feel what Neo’s ordinary user groups and those who wish to build a business on the Neo blockchain really need.

As a member of the Neo Council, we hope to continue our role. We have always adhered to a simple concept-Neo’s success is our success, and win-win cooperation can achieve long-term development. Therefore, NNT will directly invest the rewards we receive as a member of the Neo Council into the Neo ecosystem to fund developers, conduct market promotion, and carry out community activities.

If you can become a member of the Neo Council who will make decisions for you and speak for you, Neo News Today will be honored.


Neo SPCC is a research and development group that aims to solve complex problems in the field of distributed computer systems and data storage. As a member of the international developer community, we have been committed to the core development of Neo and the development of corresponding ecological projects. Currently, our main projects are NeoFS, a highly reliable decentralized object storage system integrated with Neo blockchain, and NeoGo with full-featured nodes, Go compiler and SDK. Our long-term goal is to build a truly decentralized cloud platform based on Neo technology to solve almost all real-world B2B or B2C problems in a decentralized environment.

We have sufficient expertise on Neo agreements. Since July 2018, Neo SPCC has solved many technical problems in a timely and effective manner, and has been contributing to the three major components of Neo N3, NeoFS, NeoGo and Oracle. We have also put forward a lot of technical proposals for Neo core development and ecological construction, which fully demonstrates the sincerity of hope to cooperate with other Neo community members for a win-win situation. In addition, Neo SPCC has hosted the Neo consensus node on the Neo Legacy testnet for 3 years.


As one of the Neo developer communities located in China, NEXT has been committed to the infrastructure construction of Neo and provides many friendly blockchain tools for Neo ecological developers and users. Since our establishment in 2017, we have developed a safe, convenient and professional Neo Wallet NeoLine with two versions of mobile terminal and Chrome plug-in, and the blockchain browser NeoTube.

As a member of the Neo Council, NeoLine plays a pivotal role in the Neo N3 network. The NeoLine mobile terminal and plug-in wallet are not only fully compatible with the Neo N3 network, but also a channel for users to migrate assets from Neo Legacy to Neo N3.

In addition, the NeoLine Chrome plug-in wallet also supports the convenience of developers and applications to use Neo dAPI. The Neo N3 NeoTube block browser currently provides accurate data, and more data and functions will be added in the future.

Switcheo Labs

Switcheo Labs is a leading blockchain development company that has received equity investment from NGD. Switcheo Labs has always been a firm supporter of the Neo ecosystem, and in 2018 developed the world’s first DEX based on Neo Legacy. Switcheo also operates Neo Legacy seed nodes for public use and will continue to provide services for Neo N3. In addition, Switcheo Labs has also established a decentralized spot and derivatives exchange Demex, which is connected to the Neo ecosystem through the Poly Network. Demex currently offers a variety of NEP-5 token transactions, including Switcheo TradeHub’s native protocol token-$SWTH. $SWTH can also be used as a NEP-5 token for trading in Neo DEX and Flamingo.

As a member of the Neo board of directors, Switcheo Labs will build a support platform and development tools based on its rich experience in cooperation with Neo to bring a new era to Neo N3. In addition, Switcheo Labs will also use its expertise in other blockchain fields such as DeFi to enhance the decentralized cross-chain function of Neo N3 and connect the next-generation blockchain with an interoperable new world.

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