“NFT Airdrop for All Participants”… META NFT SEOUL 2022″ To Be Held On July 27th

“NFT Airdrop for All Participants”… META NFT SEOUL 2002″ To Be Held On July 27th

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Jointly organized by the ICOC International Brain Sports Association, Blockchain Today, and Meta-NFT Association

[Blockchain Today, Jihye Han] The ‘727 Second Meta-NFT Seoul 2022’ conference, which will showcase various events such as NFT airdrop, will be held on July 27th.

The event is jointly organized by the ICOC International Brain Sports Association, which is a corporation aggregate under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Blockchain Today, and Meta-NFT Association, sponsored by Polygon, a global company, and co-hosted by Miliverse, EMC, and Theother.

The 727 Meta-NFT Seoul Conference (727 Conference) is the second conference this year to be held following the first meta-NFT conference held at the COEX Auditorium in Samseong-dong, Seoul in April this year. The venue will be the Intercontinental Parnas Hotel in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

The organizer said, “We wondered how we could differentiate this event from other conferences and prepared 7 features unique to the 727 Conference.”

First: private conference
Unlike other public events, the 727 Conference is a private conference that only invited guests can attend. A total of thirty booths will be opened at the event, and about thirty keynote speakers have been invited. Also, the VIP dinner tickets, which are available only for 250 persons for lunch and 250 persons for dinner, aren’t available for purchase, and are VIP tickets given only to invited guests.

Second: International Cosplay Competition
Another feature of the 727 Conference is the international cosplay competition. The cosplay competition, in which 100 professional cosplayers from all over Korea participate, transforms the participants into game and anime characters, allowing them to escape from reality and dream of fantasy. Some see the cosplay culture as a kind of a ‘precursor for the metaverse culture’.

The total prize money of the international cosplay competition is 3 million won. Various events such as photo shoots with 30 booth participants and social media voting await the cosplayers as well as visitors.

The number of the participants who will attend the cosplay competition is one hundred cosplayers and include “Undeongi”, “Dalryeora Nangrangbal”, “CodenameD”, “Nico”, “Guriring”, “dodam”, “Yulha”, “Chie”, “Chorabbang”, “JeongBbabba”, “Otto”, “Bulryanghan-Panda”, “Dada”, “Noeul”, “Guriring”, and “Hanbomi”

Third: Tesla giveaways
All participants on this day can participate in the Tesla giveaway event. As the last event, the organizers will draw one person and give one Tesla as a gift. Purchasing a gift ticket to participate in the event costs 100,000 won, and if 600 participants, which is the minimum number of participants in the event, is not met, a full refund will be given.

Fourth: Foreign speakers
Many foreign speakers, including an executive from Starbucks head office in the United States, David Ham, president of Polygon Korea, and Jürg Baltensperger, formerly with Rothschild & Co and former compliance officer at Sygnum Bank AG and now a Managing Director at JayBee Ltd., will make presentations.

Also, the organizers are currently contacting Meta, Unity, Unreal, Roblox, Decentraland, and Microsoft.

Fifth: Return of the elders
Gyeongin Broadcasting Corporation Chairman Cho Dong-seong and Korean voice actor Bae Han-seong will deliver a congratulatory speech. In addition, various elder leaders of Korea have been invited, including Woongjin Group Chairman Yoon Seok-geum, BBQ Chairman Yoon Hong-geun, Dongseo Food Chairman Kim Seok-su, Hyungji Group Chairman Choi Byeong-oh, and Black Yak Chairman Kang Tae-sun. They plan to participate in the VIP dinner on the event day.

Sixth: Special performance by Lee Kwon-hee (Hyeongi-Sarang)
Lee Kwon-hee is the keyboardist of Love and Peace and played for five years as a keyboardist in Na Hoon-a’s national tour concert. She is known as the best keyboardist Lee Kwon-hee has been recognized by Na Hoon-ah. He has participated in concerts by popular Korean singers such as Patti Kim, Song Dae-gwan, Tae Jin-ah, Kwon In-ha, Jo Hang-jo, Insooni, Choi Jin-hee, Haebaragi (Sunflower), Kim Jong-seo, and Jo Kwan-woo.

He will showcase various performances at the event. The music performed on this day will be published as an NFT.

Distribution of 70,000 NFTs and many free giveaway events
All participants who directly participate on the day of the event can receive 100% of one NFT. The number is expected to be 70,000. The NFTs are Admiral Sunshin Yi NFT (10,000 people), Genghis Khan NFT (10,000 people), Alexander the Great NFT (10,000 people), Qin Shi Huang Emperor NFT (10,000 people), Guan Yu NFT (10,000 people), Napoleon NFT (10,000 people), and Turtle Ship NFT (10,000 people).

Moreover, everyone who participates in the event will receive a house NFT and Tesla virtual car from Metaverse Theother. The NFTs are currently on sale at a regular price. In addition, all participants at the event will receive a copy of Blockchain Today, the longest running blockchain dedicated magazine in Korea.

In order to participate in the event, you must receive an invitation from the organizer. Speakers and their schedule are subject to change.



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