Preview next week | Arweave introduces a hard fork, Sotheby’s holds the first cryptocurrency bidding auction


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In addition, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will decide whether to pass Global X Bitcoin Trust’s approval on November 21 (Sunday).

On November 17 (next Wednesday) 22:00 (block height 812970), the blockchain storage protocol Arweave will release version, which will introduce a hard fork, and switch to hard disk (HDD) in version 2.6. ) Lay the foundation for the dominant mining mechanism.

Miners need to be aware that the new mining algorithm that runs with packaged data and entropy will not take effect immediately after the fork, but will gradually replace the existing algorithm afterwards. And starting from this forked block, the Arweave protocol will no longer recognize new data that is not split in a specific way. The size of all chunks must be equal to 256 * 1024 bytes, unless this chunk is the last or only one of the transaction Three situations such as a chunk.

With the rebranding of Facebook and the entry of traditional industry giants such as Microsoft and Nike, the popularity of Metaverse and Web 3 remains high, and as an indispensable infrastructure in the Metaverse ecosystem, the storage track has once again become popular. The data shows that the storage data of the blockchain storage protocol Arweave in October reached 7.91 TB, a record high. Compared with September, it increased by more than 79.3% from the previous month, and compared with August’s 708.21 GB, it was a surge of more than 10 times. Under the enthusiasm of the market, whether Arweave can usher in a new wave of outbreaks deserves further attention.

On November 21 (Sunday), the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will decide whether to pass Global X Bitcoin Trust’s approval. Global X, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) supplier under investment management company Mirae Asset, submitted an application for the registration of the Bitcoin ETF “Global X Bitcoin Trust” to the Correct Trading Commission (SEC) of the United States on July 22 this year. This Saturday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected the VanEck spot Bitcoin ETF application that has postponed the approval decision several times. The SEC stated that Cboe BZX Exchange failed to comply with the requirements of Article 6(b)(5) of the Exchange Law to prove that its proposal complies with the Exchange Law and Commission’s Rules of Practice. Therefore, it is not yet known whether the application of Global X’s Bitcoin ETF will be approved by the decision.

In addition, the British Sotheby’s auction house will hold an NFT auction at its Decentraland headquarters on November 18 (next Thursday), allowing bidders to bid on Ethereum. The NFT for this auction was “Trolley Hunters” and “Love Is In The Air” created by street artist Banksy. The auction was hosted by Sotheby’s auctioneer Oliver Barker. According to Sotheby’s, this upcoming event will mark the first time that cryptocurrency will be used as a standard currency to bid on artworks during auctions.

Trolley Hunters by Banksy

List of other key events ( click here to subscribe to the blockchain calendar )

November 15

  • Multi-chain wallet XDEFI starts IDO activity on SushiSwap MISO
  • Binance Labs will co-host the third season of incubation camp with DoraHacks
  • Layer2 basic protocol Metis will launch the first version of the mainnet with EVM equivalent
  • The NFT digital avatar “Traveloggers” issued by the Web3 publishing platform Matters Lab will be publicly available on OpenSea

November 16

  • Voting on the DIP-004 proposal of the decentralized derivatives trading protocol dFuture ends
  • Privacy AI computing network PlatON launches new version of Copernicus (Copernicus) upgrade plan

November 17

  • On-chain option agreement Lyra launched the three-month “Lyra Issuance Committee” ended
  • The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York will hold a final approval hearing for providing investors with false and misleading information about EOS

November 18

  • Lending platform Apricot Finance IDO activity opens
  • Divergence Protocol’s Option Trading Competition is over

November 19

  • Justin Bieber will collaborate with virtual entertainment company Wave to host a meta-universe concert
  • Boba, the second-tier expansion network of Ethereum, will airdrop BOBA tokens to OMG holders 1:1

November 20

  • Octopus Network’s first application chain, DeBio Network, opened the IDO activity on the Skyward Finance platform ended

November 21

  • The LIKE repurchase activity on Solana Eco NFT social platform Only1 platform ends

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