Smoothie Token (SMTY) listed on Ascend EX Exchange


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Park Yohan] AscendEX, a digital asset trading platform, announced the listing of Smoothie Token (SMTY) under USDT/SMTY on April 27th at 1pm (UTC).

Smoothie’s unique design allows the swap ratio of most of the same supporting assets to be fixed at 1:1, supporting 80% lower gas feet than existing projects, while providing maximum interest return to liquidity providers.

Smoothie was developed from scratch to solve the problem of existing protocols. Smoothie’s goal is to provide one pool where all tokens can be exchanged. It supports smooth and simple swaps, low gas rates, stable token addition or removal flexibility, better liquidity, lower slippage, and better lp token incentives.

The smoothie token is used for governance of the smoothie protocol. It can also be used as a collateral to add new stable coins and increase the soft weight of stable coins.

Smoothie Finance is made up of leaders and engineers from leading technology companies such as Microsoport, Adobe, Google, and Uber with extensive engineering experience in the field of blockchain development.

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