Southeast Asia introduces AntChain technology, Malaysian food leader tries to trace the source of moon cakes overseas


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Southeast Asia introduces AntChain technology, Malaysia’s food leader, overseas first to try moon cake traceability

Starting from a piece of moon cake, AntChain has already become the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

On September 29, AntChain announced that it has cooperated with Malaysia’s local mobile virtual operator XOX to launch a localized supply chain traceability service platform TraX. Small and medium-sized enterprises can directly realize the transparency of product origin and material traceability information on the TraX platform, and increase sales. .

It coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival, Malaysia’s national mooncake brand “Hawaitian” became the first customer of the TraX platform. Consumers only need to use the TraX application to scan the QR code on the mooncake packaging to obtain product information, including the main ingredients, production date, and shelf life, and track the entire logistics process from production to delivery to consumers. The company plans to expand the information tracked by TraX in the near future to further include the source and supply chain of mooncake ingredients.

According to reports, in Malaysia, moon cakes usually have a shelf life of up to one year. Many consumers worry about buying expired products when buying moon cakes. As a Muslim country, Malaysian consumers are also very concerned about the halal logo of mooncakes. In the past, this information was difficult to obtain through traditional methods, and its authenticity was difficult to guarantee. Consumers eating “rest assured moon cakes” is a problem that plagues local moon cake companies. With the characteristics of information traceability and non-tampering, Ant Chain’s blockchain solution solves this problem well.

XOX is Malaysia’s largest virtual operator. It was listed on Bursa Malaysia in 2011 and has more than 2.5 million users nationwide. As early as 1970, Overseas Tian began to get involved in the business of dim sum, moon cakes, pastries, cafes and restaurants. The products were exported to many countries and regions abroad, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, Papua New Guinea, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. ,Macao, China.

In the future, Haiwaitian will introduce the AntChain traceability service in the entire mooncake distribution channel, and the AntChain logo will go to the tables of consumers in various countries around the world along with Haitian’s food.

As one of more than 50 landing scenarios of AntChain, traceability technology was first applied to Tmall Double 11 cross-border product traceability in 2017. By 2019 Double 11, more than 400 million cross-border products have used AntChain traceability technology. . At the same time, the ant chain traceability technology is also used for the traceability of imported cold chain food during the epidemic.

It is reported that XOX company also plans to expand cooperation with AntChain, using AntChain technology for the digital protection of copyright and cultural and artistic assets.

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