Teach you how to use MetaMask’s new “Exchange” function


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Original title: “MetaMask Exchange Function Experience”

Written by: Yao Xiang, Head of MYKEY Research Department

MetaMask has launched the “Swap” function in the new version, let us experience it first.

The new feature is currently only available in Firefox extensions, but soon other browsers and mobile wallet users will also be able to use it.


1. Open the wallet

I opened the wallet and found that a “redeem” button was added in addition to purchasing and sending.

手把手教你使用 MetaMask 新推出的「兑换」功能

2. Click to redeem

Click Exchange, you can see the exchange page of the introduction, you can choose the original currency and target currency. We choose ETH/ANT trading pair.

手把手教你使用 MetaMask 新推出的「兑换」功能

3. Fill in the order

You need to fill in the number of original currencies, and you can fill in the maximum acceptable slippage in the advanced options. But unlike the Uniswap experience, the number of target currencies cannot be set directly.

手把手教你使用 MetaMask 新推出的「兑换」功能

4. Quotation

After clicking Get quotes, start quotes. MetaMask will request prices from dex.ag exchanges or aggregators such as Uniswap, AirSwap, 0x API, 1inch.exchange, Paraswap, Totle, etc.

手把手教你使用 MetaMask 新推出的「兑换」功能

5. Price comparison

Finally, after comprehensively comparing prices and transaction fees , MetaMask will give the best offer. Users can also customize other prices, but cannot see the specific quotation source.

手把手教你使用 MetaMask 新推出的「兑换」功能手把手教你使用 MetaMask 新推出的「兑换」功能


Exchange analysis

It can be seen from the transaction that the path of Uniswap was finally chosen. And 0.0007 of 0.08Ether was sent to the rebate account, the ratio was 0.875%.

手把手教你使用 MetaMask 新推出的「兑换」功能

Usage analysis

The commission account has received hundreds of ETH and ERC-20 commissions accumulated over 100 USD after the exchange function was launched.

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