The internal power of Solana’s rise: Take a look at the DeFi and NFT projects in these ecosystems


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There are already 338 Solana ecological roles, building different ecological matrices such as wallets, tools, browsers, oracles, DeFi, NFT, etc.

Original title: “Where does Solana’s confidence in the fire come from? 》
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Until the early autumn, although it had not waited for 100,000 US dollars of Bitcoin, it ushered in a large wave of public chains. Among them, the Solana public chain was regarded as a “dark horse” that was opened, and it was not disturbed by the shock of the bull market. Its market value has rushed to the sixth place in the crypto market value list. From the data point of view, it has risen from 140 to 221 US dollars in the past. Accompanied by the market’s unanimous overwhelming praise. When analyzing the prosperity of the public chain represented by Solana, we found that it is not only the blessing of technology, but also the construction of a rich ecological network to obtain long-term development momentum.

Veteran Solana: established in 2017 and broke out in 2021

Relying on the positive development trend, Solana has gained many partners and positive word-of-mouth reviews. Recently, the crypto asset management company Osprey Funds launched Solana trust products, boxing champion Tyson asked on Twitter whether to launch NFT on Solana or Ethereum ? Sam, the founder of FTX, stated that the interest of institutions in the Solana blockchain is increasing. Various signals and actions are confirming Bloomberg’s latest announcement that Solana’s token value has resisted the crypto collapse caused by Bitcoin, and it may be a potential long-term competitor of Ethereum.

The positive signals frequently conveyed by the outside world benefit from Solana’s own long-term preparations. The project was established in 2017 and was built by a group of senior engineers such as Qualcomm and Intel. The early projects were consistent with the high TPS performance public chain, which was in line with the pursuit of many public chains at the time. The goal is the same. But surviving until 2021, and successfully detonated in the past two years, Solana can be regarded as a real long-term project party. The consolidation and preparation of the upper-level basic ecology that supports the endurance of the project has facilitated the fall of Solana’s dark horses.

Solana’s 338 roles: DeFi booming rookies appear frequently

According to the official data released by Solana, there are already 338 Solana ecological roles, and different ecological matrices such as infrastructure, wallets, tools, browsers, oracles, DeFi, Dapp, NFT, GameNFT, funds, etc. have been constructed, and the DeFi ecosystem is the most magnificent. There are already 106, followed by Dapp with the largest number, with 82, and then NFTs, infrastructure, etc. The ecological categories are diverse and rich. This also shows that Solana has grown from a purely technical public chain to a fertile ground to support the development of various mainstream encryption industries.

The internal power of Solana's rise: Take a look at the DeFi and NFT projects in these ecosystems

In terms of general ecological richness, Solana has established its own moat. So, from a more subdivided perspective, what are the sharpest projects that protect Solana’s vertical and horizontal penetration, which can be called an ecological breakthrough? We only learned about Solana’s internal power from a few projects.

DeFi categories: Serum, Parrot Protocol, Apricot Finance

Serum: Decentralized derivatives trading platform

The project released a white paper at the end of July last year. The starting team is not only blessed by the halo of FTX founder SBF, but also composed of Alameda Research and other partners. These consortia jointly created the Serum Foundation and announced the arrival of the Serum project. A new type of high-speed, complete, unmanaged DEX based on Solana. Running on the on-chain central limit order book (CLOB) on the Solana mainnet, it is also the only high-performance DEX designed around a fully on-chain central limit order book and matching engine. Partners of the Solana ecosystem can interact with Serum’s on-chain Order books work together to share liquidity and provide transaction functions for institutional and retail users. Serum aims to solve the problems of high DeFiGas cost, slow transaction speed, centralization, low capital efficiency, and liquidity segmentation, and aims to establish a decentralized entire DeFi stack. At present, from the perspective of Serum’s ecology, it has formed a very large ecology. Cooperating with Maizi Wallet and co-hosting the “DeFi Night” series of city events and hackathons with Solana and other developer activities, it spares no effort to promote the prosperity and development of the chain ecology .

Parrot Protocol: Ecological Stable Coin Protocol

The project is a liquidity network built on the Solana blockchain. It will provide services including stable currency PAI, non-custodial lending market, and margin trading vAMM. Through a series of DeFi products built on the basis of LP collateral, it will enable The value locked in the DeFi system is accessible. The project was established late, but its data growth rate is very eye-catching. Since the public beta on June 1, the total lock-up volume has continued to rise, and currently exceeds 400 million US dollars, an increase of nearly four times in seven days. Prior to this, he won the second place in the hackathon. The latest news is that the agreement opened the IDO token PRT on September 14th, and a new wave of enthusiasm may continue to detonate here.

Apricot Finance: Solana Ecological Lending Platform

Apricot Finance is the Solana ecological DeFi platform. It is a DeFi solution built on the Solona network. It provides users with over-mortgage loan services. Its Apricot loan is a mortgage agreement with low liquidation penalty and high predictability, and 2 hours The liquidation guarantee Apricot Rescue provides a guarantee for the borrower to liquidate positions in a short period of time. As Solana’s ecological lending platform, the project has received direct funding from Solana Network. After obtaining a seed round of 800,000 US dollars in June, it received another 4 million US dollars in financing in August. The capital support continued to increase. For the project party itself, it has reached a cooperation with the oracle solution Pyth Network, and recently launched a test network including Lend, Farm and Assitst. With the continuous improvement of technology and services, and the value of Solana’s main network, the follow-up development of Apricot Finance is worthy of attention.

NFT category: cutting-edge representatives of SocialFi and GameFi

SocialFi: Solana-based NFT social platform—Only1

The craze of SocialFi has just risen, and Only1’s tentacles are directed at SocialFi, which is the first NFT social platform in the Solana ecosystem. It combines social media, NFT market, scalable blockchain and native token LIKE to allow creation A new type of social media platform where the content is output and shared directly with their fans. The project has two mechanisms, one is the creation of NFT creation, and the other is the mining of content NFT, which fully leverages the two-way interaction between fans and content producers to realize the co-construction and sharing of fans and creators. It is understood that Only1 will launch a test version of the application on September 30, and plans to launch the NFT Launchpad platform on October 7. Its bold attempts and practice of new financing methods may bring new inspiration to the rise of SocialFi.

GameFi: Play to earn chain game—DeFiland

This project is a multi-chain game of urban agriculture simulation online game, developed on Solana. In the entire game environment, each asset will represent a currency, that is, pumpkins, potatoes, and watermelons have their own corresponding tokens. The game will be launched in two versions. V1 will provide the basic functions of a decentralized financial protocol. Through this version, users can become familiar with the game and gradually unlock new gameplay and rewards through the level mode. After the accumulation of time, the V2 version will also In the follow-up launch, the plan will have an ecosystem with more functions and working methods including lending, index, NFT market, interactive chat, tournament, land, etc. It is undeniable that these are all in the proof-of-concept stage, but the basic prototype drawings are already available, and the next step is to develop and experiment according to reality. This urgency of ecological growth has been supported by many institutions. Recently, the project has been supported by NGC Ventures, Solana Foundation and Gate.IO and other US$4.1 million financing support.

Star Atlas: science fiction, high-end, meta universe

The ace project in the Solana GameFi field is a space-themed MMORPG (massively multiplayer network role-playing game) with a science fiction background. It is built with the Unreal 5 engine and has movie-level visual effects. The Star Atlas game will be launched in the Q2 quarter of 2022. Last month, Star Atlas launched the decentralized exchange Marketplace, which is fully integrated with Serum on the Solana blockchain. This integration enables the global community to seamlessly exchange meta-posters, spaceships and any other assets, including meta-posters and others Owners of in-game assets can directly buy and sell NFTs on the Marketplace in Star Atlas. On September 1, it launched the new platform AcceleRaytor on Raydium to open the game and governance token public offering. Recently, Star Atlas announced a cooperation with blockchain game and NFT developers Animoca Brands. Prepare.

The above mentioned is only a point of the Solana ecology. They do not completely represent Solana, but they are the indispensable key to building the Solana ecology. The more real situation is that new types of public chains are on the rise. They are known as a new force challenging the old public chains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. But behind this, there have been years of unknown accumulation and experience, the so-called The definition of “new” may be practitioners’ re-judgment of the industry structure.

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