Understand Blockchain and Start Building Apps With This Huge Learning Bundle


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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are all built on blockchain technology. This system allows information to be transferred securely through a decentralized network. Although the technology has been mostly used for digital money so far, many other apps are now being built on blockchain technology. If you want to get ahead of the curve, the Mega Blockchain Mastery Bundle offers 56.5 hours of hands-on training. Right now, you can get the bundle for only $39 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Blockchain Technology

With blockchain, data is spread across thousands of devices. As a result, it’s almost impossible to crash the network or intercept data — great for financial transactions and sharing sensitive data. For obvious reasons, many tech companies are now working on blockchain-based apps. As a result, developers are in demand.

This bundle helps you understand the technology and start building your own blockchain apps. Through 13 in-depth tutorials, you discover how exactly blockchain works and how it can be used. You also learn about cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and blockchain security.

You should come away with the skills to take advantage of the blockchain revolution — whether that is through working as a developer or investing in cryptocurrencies. When you complete the course, you can even claim a certificate to prove your knowledge.

56.5 Hours of Training for $39

Order now for just $39 to get lifetime access to this blockchain training, worth $1,587.

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