WAY2BIT Launches Transparent Platform for Blockchain Users


In recent years, Internet-based content services such as game, entertainment, social network, and communities have experienced large-scale growth. However, with the opaque disclosure of information, the questionable safety of user data assets, and the high cost of transactions, user motivation and participation is decreasing. As a result, content providers have to bear the pressure of rising costs to ensure user loyalty.

Industry pain points:

  1. Reliability, authenticity, transparency, and security of information;
  2. Inability to guarantee the value of user data assets;
  3. Fraud and excessive costs of intermediary transaction processes.

BORA uses blockchain technology to open up new possibilities by reorganizing existing centralized systems into a distributed structure of computer networks. With this new infrastructure and appropriate business mechanisms, data storage between end users and service providers can be delivered transparently, allowing providers to archive distributed ledgers without having to store data directly. This circumvents risks of data tampering present in modern-day enterprises and can help solve the above industry pain points. Moreover, BORA reduces costs by eliminating high gas fees while using the Ethereum network, encouraging the use of the platform.

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