Web3 Foundation announces the winners of the second quarter Grant awards, a quick overview of 32 winning projects


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Grant award recipients are mainly concentrated in the field of development tools and wallets, occupying most of the 32 projects.

Original title: “These 32 projects have won Web3 Foundation Grant awards! 》
Written by: Web3 Foundation Translation: PolkaWorld

We are happy to announce the winners of our Grant Program for the second quarter! We were surprised by the number of high-quality grant applications we received, and we are happy to help the project bring these technologies into reality.

We are still looking for new projects to fund and continue to expand the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

You can find a list of all grant winners here.

Grant recipient🚀

In this batch, great progress has been made in supporting developers and providing users with new interfaces. We continue to fund wallets and developer tools to make it easier for us to enter the ecosystem. We have also funded the development of many new runtime modules to help enhance the advanced features that Polkadot can provide!

Developer tools

  • Webassembly Security — Improve the security and resilience of the WebAssmebly runtime
  • Finoa — C language library for Substrate
  • ETCDEV — Polkadot java client
  • LimeChain — AssemblyScript SCALE Codec
  • Aleksandr Krupenkin — Haskell Web3 library
  • Fortmatic — SDK + Burner Wallet for Web 2.0 login of DApp
  • PureStake — Web3 compatibility API
  • TerenceGe — Schnorrkel C implementation
  • Adoriasoft — Cosmos-SDK Parachain Development Kit
  • Equilibrium — offchain::ipfs
  • LimeChain — AssemblyScript Runtime
  • P2P — Multi-chain ELT
  • FlexDapps — Gantree Phase 4 (GitHub)

Wallet, operation interface

  • HashQuark — Validator Dashboard Phase 2
  • BUIDL Labs — YieldScan Staking Dashboard
  • BoBao Technologies — PolkaKey: An electronic APP for generating Polkadot addresses and tutorials
  • Zondax — Polkadot/Kusama Ledger Application Phase 2
  • Ethworks — Polkadot.{js} desktop application
  • Chevdor — Polkabot
  • WEB3SCAN — Polkascan Signer operation interface
  • MVP Workshop — Substrate startkit GUI (Substrate pallet market)
  • Faber — Subwallet: Polkadot/Substrate’s CLI wallet
  • Lunie — Lunie governance integration
  • Zondax — Ledgeracio: a command line tool and ledger application designed for staking operations

New runtime modules and DApps

  • Crust Network — Incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage
  • Usetech — NFT Traceability Module
  • Phala.Network — Web3 analysis
  • Laminar One — Reusable Libraries: runtime module + monitoring framework
  • Soramitsu — Hyperledger Iroha Bridge
  • Dipole Tech — Dipole Oracle: Distributed Energy Resource Management

Validator management, reminder and deployment tools

  • Protofire-validator failover mechanism
  • Insight — Load Balanced Endpoints

apply immediately!

We will continue to issue grants this year, so it is never too late to apply! Take a look at our Polkadot open source technology stack , you can roughly understand which projects we are interested in.

The best way to get your suggestions accepted is to develop a great roadmap. Kindly reminder, we recommend that you check out the example roadmap planned by Grant.

Following the example above will increase your team’s chances of success.

If you have a good idea for building our ecosystem, please visit our Grant program page , we look forward to receiving your application!

contact us

If you have any questions about the Grant process, please contact: mailto: grants@web3.foundation .

We also have Riot and Telegram channels to discuss Web3 and Polkadot related content in real time:

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