MGH and the DAC Working Together to Make Investing in NFTs as Easy as Buying an “Index Fund”

MGH and the DAC Working Together to Make Investing in NFTs as Easy as Buying an “Index Fund”

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In the story “A Stone in The Road,” a wise king places a huge stone in the middle of the road. People complain, moan and scold – but no one clears the stone away. The king is outraged at his lazy subjects, but he waits……until a miller’s daughter comes along, afraid that someone might stumble over the stone in the night, and finally clears it away.

Under the stone lies a casket of gold – just for her, because she took the trouble.

What is the moral of the story? Obstacles await us everywhere. We can walk past them and ignore them, or we clear them away and become stronger and better.

The King says to this:

“Disappointment is usually the price of laziness.”

In the NFT market, there are equally large, heavy, unwieldy stones:

  • Illiquidity: NFTs are sold at auctions – or not, if no one bids, and you’re stuck with your NFT.
  • No rational prices: euphoria, anger, greed… the NFT market is swimming in emotions. It’s almost impossible to put a fair price tag on your NFT.
  • No diversification: an NFT sits heavily in your portfolio like an “ether rock.” If it drops in value, it drags your whole portfolio down. Only rich investors can diversify across many NFTs.

How do we push these three rocks out of the way? MGH – MetaGameHub DAO – and the DAC have jointly developed a novel system to solve these problems via NPTs (NFT Pool Tokens) simply and efficiently.

But who is the DAC? Who is MGH? And how will NPTs make the NFT market accessible to investors – no matter how big the wallet?

Find out in this article:

The DAC – Your One-Stop-Solution to Build and Scale Your DAO

DAOs are the future. But every future technology suffers from “growing pains” as it leaves the kindergarten of development and takes its first steps through an unforgiving marketplace.

DAOs are not free of them either. These are three of their “growing pains:”

  • No full life cycle support: DAOs launch with impact… but slowly burn out. Resources dry up, motivation drops, the product doesn’t catch on.
  • No standardization: DAOs are so new, they have no blueprint – each builds its own house, discovers its own America. And many capsize on the journey.
  • No intuitive user interface and user experience: many DAOs lack an accessible user experience that looks appealing and with which users can interact quickly and easily.

Solving these – and other – problems is the DAC’s purpose. Our mission is:

“To offer clients advisory, architecture, and infrastructure for the development of DAOs solutions and blockchain-enabled projects, by connecting them with a decentralized, multi-expertise pool of clients.”

Let’s unpack this:

The DAC means “Decentralized Autonomous Consulting” in full. Our job is to guide your DAO or metaverse project from the first community member to a lively project, brimming over with community engagement and adoption.

In short, we implement your ideas together – guiding you through marketing, fundraising, and technology.

The DAC takes care of the infrastructure (the technical side like launch pools, governance, treasury management), as well as the architecture: we get members into your DAO, raise money, design the tokenomics…

The DAC is your one-stop solution for your DAO. Like a prefab house, you can move into it right away.

How exactly is this going to work?

Here’s the blueprint of how we will work with you:

  1. is in the middle. It’s the launchpad, café, and headquarters for your DAO. It’s where you launch your tokens and interact with your community. is the infrastructure.
  2. is maintained and filled with value by the DAP community – to which you also belong.
  3. In return, you put your community, your value, and your projects into the But the makes two things possible:
  4. Via the you distribute both value and intellectual property to the marketplaces and earn your revenue,
  5. At the same time, you can provide your values and intellectual properties to third parties and earn steady royalties.

Through you launch your tokens, coordinate and manage your members and receive your revenues. One platform for everything.

Of course, that was just a brief outline.

But one thing should be clear: We are a symbiosis. The DAC accompanies you from the setup to a DAO, which goes, stands, and runs for itself.

But who is behind the DAC?

It draws from a global pool of blockchain enthusiasts. Be it developers, legal experts, fundraisers, marketers, or creatives.

We are all Blockchain enthusiasts who firmly believe: blockchain is the future and will free us from the “oppressive mind state of secrecy and inefficient corporate structures”.

The DAC is still a young, growing project that is just getting started and needs to prove itself. And that is exactly what we are doing with MGH.

MGH – Converging DeFi, NFTs, And The Metaverse

MGH – MetaGameHub DAO – is the first project of the DAC. We have laid the foundation, raised the walls, and will now make the NFT market accessible to everyone.

How will this work?

Via NPTs – NFT Pool Tokens.

Like gold, oil, or dollars on Synthetix, they are synthetic assets that represent an entire NFT pool.

How does it work?

Let’s say there are 500 NFTs in the NFT pool – CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Pudgy Penguins – and now the NPTs track the price of the TOTAL pool.

If it goes up, your NPT goes up; if it goes down, your NPT goes down, too.

So, what are the advantages of these NPTs?

  • You are automatically diversified across many NFTs and no longer dragging a lump in your wallet that will drag down your portfolio like feet set in concrete when its price crashes.
  • You can constantly trade NPTs back and forth and swap them for other cryptocurrencies. You’re no longer tied – in the worst case: forever – to an illiquid NFT.
  • You put your NPTs into the NPT/MGH pool and get an LP token – then, you stake the LP token for daily passive income flowing in.
  • The NFTs in the pool have a “fair” price – and so does your NPT. So, you don’t have to rely on hype, FOMO, and memes anymore. But how do you get a “fair” value? You’re about to find out:

Because I’ll take you through the simple process of how to invest in the entire NFT market via NPTs in a short and snappy way.

  1. You stake 1000 MGH tokens to put your NFT into the NFT pool. Don’t worry, your tokens are not wasted but pay you high Network Rewards.
  2. Now you hand over your NFT to our prize oracle. It scours social media, taps sentiment, looks at exchanges and databases, and finally gives you a price suggestion: this is roughly how much your NFT is worth. Let’s say $10,000. Do you take it? Great, then on to the next level:
  3. Finally, you can stake your NFT, but not all of it – no, no – but a maximum of 25 percent. This is how we prevent exploits and bugs – Synths are also covered by 600 percent, after all. In this example, you are now staking the 25 percent:
  4. With this 25 percent or 2500 dollars, you mint NPTs. However, you pay a small fee for this: 0.05 percent in MGH tokens. But the money is not lost, don’t worry. It automatically goes into the staking smart contract and will be paid out to you again if you stake diligently.
  5. Congratulations! Now you can hold, trade, farm, and earn passive income from your NPTs – all because you staked your NFT. And one more thing: you don’t lose ownership of your NFT at all; it’s still yours.

Of course, MGH won’t leave you alone if you don’t have an NFT:

You can just as easily buy NPTs on a DEX or in the MGH/NPT pool and thus invest passively and stress-free in the NFT market.

MGH will start with a pool on Virtual Lands – like from The Sandbox – and gradually roll out more NFT Pools.

But this will be determined by the community. Because MGH is a DAO. The community is the pilot that steers the project to its destination.

How Our Collaboration Will Benefit Each Other – Goals and Targets

The DAC will now do for MGH what it will do for all projects: build them one by one.

The marketing engine is running at full speed – we post on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, write on Medium, and hold meetings and talks publicly on Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse.

This is how we are building a loyal community piece by piece, rewarding them with NFTs, content, challenges, and tokens. We let them lead our DAO, vote on NPTs, governance, or rewards so that together we make the NFT Mark accessible to all.

In addition, the Public Sale of MGH is currently running – from October the 14th to October the 24th – on There, as an early investor, you can buy MGH tokens for a fixed price of 10 cents.

After that, we will go live on DEXs, where the price is no longer guaranteed.

It’s baptism by fire for our infrastructure. The first, incredible step for the next few years to integrate many DAOs into

In addition, The DAC raises funds for MGH, forges profitable partnerships, and coordinates DAOs.

Through MGH, the DAC is fulfilling its mission: to raise a DAO with a world-changing product from foundation to pinnacle.

How can you stay up to date and keep in touch with MGH?

  • If you want more information about MGH, visit our Website
  • For a sharpshooter-like view over the whole project, read our
  • Follow us on
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Check out MGH on
  • Discuss, write, and celebrate with us on Telegram.
  • Talk, laugh, and enjoy the time on

About MGH

MGH is an Ethereum-based protocol allowing its users a.) to mint NPTs to gain exposure to the whole NFT space, b.) stake their NFTs to make a passive income, and c.) get a fair price for their NFT via the MGH price oracle.

With these three use cases, MGH makes the whole NFT space more transparent (fairer prices), accessible for investors with smaller pockets (via NPTs), and combines DeFi and NFTs via staking NFTs to make a passive income.

In short: MetaGameHub DAO is the convergence of DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse, oracles, and AI-supported valuation tools.




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