#Axonomy 2.0 Launches with DeFi Products and Effective Behavorial #Mining


SINGAPORE, June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On May 15th, 2019, Axonomy Foundation announced that Axonomy 2.0 has integrated several DeFi products, positioning itself as a blockchain investment community.

Axonomy 2.0 is a platform with both centralized and decentralized frameworks to keep up with trends, and supports different public chains to provide a complete and diversified portfolio of open-finance applications. The platform currently carries loaning products such as MakerDao and Compound, staking providers such as HashQuark and HyperPay, mining pools like BHD cloud mining, decentralized exchanges like UniSwap and quant trading funds like BVR Capital and Bquant. The platform was carefully screened by a professional investment team prior to its launch and the due diligence and evaluation to handpick ideal DeFi products will continue into the future. Axonomy’s purpose is to greatly reduce the threshold and users’ entry barriers.

At the same, Axonomy has introduced effective behavioral mining. After completing the effective behavior, a concept that is defined in the platform, the user can obtain AXON. The acquired AXON can be staked on the platform to share the dividend of the platform every day. In Axonomy’s vision, profits are generated by users, and should thus be returned to the users. A positive feedback loop occurs when the profit in turn incentivizes incremental contributions to the platform, benefiting the community in the long run.

By the end of June, Axnonomy will transform its loyalty points AXON into ERC-20.

The announcement of the new platform and mining comes on the anniversary of the start of Axonomy’s first voting campaign. The voting campaign allows community members to play the most important role in selecting which project to vote on and which project to invest in with their AXON. Once their selected projects are invested by the venture funds, community members will get token rewards from the foundation as well as the wining project.

During this process, users are incentivized to perform in-depth examination of the projects. For DAPP providers and project parties, Axonomy sets evaluation metrics paired with tasks that aim to create UGC based on the user experience, while aligning users and capital with quality projects.  Based on Axonomy’s timeline, this is just the first step toward becoming a blockchain investment community.

On top of greater accountability and transparency, the team believes that decentralized finance will bring the benefit of greater security and liquidity for users and their assets. Furthermore, the team believes that the end of the DeFi spectrum will be the open-finance that empowers individuals around the world in engaging with a newly remodeled financial system.

Website: www.axonomy.pro  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Axonomy1

SOURCE Axonomy Foundation