Bitcoin PR Buzz Increases Service Offerings whilst Slashing Prices up to $800


Bitcoin PR Buzz (BPRB) is the first PR agency in the crypto space, with more than 6 years of experience, 800 clients served, and 900 PRs delivered so far, including LISK, ARK, NEM, LUX, and UTRUST. On 7 November 2018 Bitcoin PR Buzz announced that they are increasing their levels of services and slashing prices for their press release packages, in order to make BPRB affordable for all potential clients and ensure Bitcoin PR Buzz remains the #1 PR agency.

Bitcoin PR Buzz guarantees publication on 200-400 news websites and will send the PR to over 200,000 journalists. Bitcoin PR Buzz’s strategy is centered around viral social media and experience and is results driven, proven, and unbeatable.

Prices Slashed across all Bitcoin PR Buzz Packages

Specifically, Bitcoin PR Buzz will be reducing the price of the Ultimate Press Release package by $100, the Platinum Executive Package by $500, and the Ultimate Executive package will be reduced by $800, a roughly 20% discount. Bitcoin PR Buzz’s PR packages guarantee that PRs will be published on major crypto news sites like,,, 40 other crypto sites, and 5 top tier news outlets including Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, and CNBC, with further publication on 200+ mainstream news sites.  

Additionally, featured articles based on the PR are published on,,,, Criptomoedas Facil, and With the Ultimate Executive package all of this is included, plus a featured original article on, publication on at least 5 more top-tier news outlets including, Fox, ABC, International Business Times, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Finally, the Ultimate Executive package includes tweets to 500,000+ Twitter followers.

Alex Thurston, Bitcoin PR Buzz COO said the following:

With these changes to our core offerings, we are striving to make our market-leading Bitcoin press release service affordable for everyone. I am also very excited to see the great exposure our current and new clients will receive with these package changes!”

New Social Media Management and Copywriting Services

Beyond this, BPRB is announcing a new social media management service and copywriting service. Clients will have a personal PR agent who will be available for conference calls every 2 weeks, in order to optimise the client’s message across social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The PR agent will be university trained and a native English speaker. This is a full-fledged PR agency service that will provide maximum exposure to clients, increasing user base, profits, and reputation. Clients who choose to utilize the social media management service will have no need to go to any other PR agency.

The copywriting service will connect clients with talented writers who produce high-quality content, to ensure clients have a steady release of news to compliment their press releases. The writers for the copywriting service are highly experienced in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and will deliver content that has maximum insight and readability. Writers hired through this service can do blog posts, ghostwriting, article writing, and any other form of writing that the client desires.


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