BitForex’s CEO Garrett Jin Shares a Voice in Blockchain Life 2019


Likely the biggest and most important industry event for Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency and mining in Russia and Europe, Blockchain Life 2019, has just concluded. Over 6,000 participants and world-leading exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and the general sponsor, BitForex, showed up at the grand ceremony in Moscow. Global industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and Blockchain developers from 70 countries came together to discuss the current industry trends, setting up directions for Blockchain’s future development.

Renowned speakers presented during the forum, and thousands of noteworthy guests, including Nasgo, AIS, Coldlar and Marshall lion Group and BitForex, participated, too. The main topics for discussion at the event were Cryptocurrency Regulations, Future Blockchain Industry Trends, Experience of Creating a National Cryptocurrency, Connection with Blockchain and Business, etc.

As one of the most important and sizeable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and the largest sponsor of this conference, BitForex’s CEO Garrett Jin took to the stage to share on the current crypto market. During the speech, Garret not only shared the current market of Cryptocurrency, but also extended the vision to the relation between Internet and Blockchain technology. The Internet has been the biggest medium of information for mankind, and the Blockchain technology can build on that and potentially be the best value carrier.

“If it works, it’s obsolete.” Garret Jin finalized his presentation saying that there is plenty of potential for Blockchain business with lots of difficulties to overcome.

After the Blockchain Life Press, Garret Jin had an individual interview with the audience. In this interview, Garret expressed his optimistic view of the future of Blockchain. With the boom of Blockchain technology, the investment frenzy of digital currency has swept through. Although there was a long bear market for Blockchain in 2018, most investors remained optimistic about the market while the market becomes more and more rational. In fact, ETF approval and public perception of Bitcoin will likely heat up the market. More importantly, it is also a positive sign for the long term. What we need to do now is to keep good cash flow and capacity to expand, which will be the key to success in the next bull market.

The exchange, as the entrance for investors into the Blockchain world, plays an important role between investors and good projects. Having said that, promising projects and competitive services make BitForex the indispensable infrastructure for the upcoming bull market.

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BitForex’s CEO Garret Jin on Blockchain Life 2019
Garret Jin finalized his presentation saying that there were plenty of potential of Blockchain business with lots of difficulty to overcome.

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