to host AMA with French Connection on 20 December 2021 on YouTube

5 to host AMA with French Connection on 20 December 2021 on YouTube

 780 total views, a leading blockchain media company will be hosting French Connection for an AMA “Ask Me Anything” session on 20 December 2021, 8.00 pm Singapore time on YouTube Channel:

The main problem in worldwide cryptocurrency adoption is its non-friendly user applications. $FCF is creating a crypto payment gateway for e-commerces. Allowing merchants to accept any cryptocurrency or FIAT in exchange of their product/services. The payment gateway will function like Paypal and will give the option of purchasing crypto on it. Retailers are going to be able to use crypto as a payment method (encrypted online shopping). All the fees collected from the transactions are going to be sent into the liquidity pool (increasing FCF base price) and the dividend pool (Rewarding holders with BNB).

Why Hold $FCF

The FCF ecosystem main purpose will be to send funds into the FCF Liquidity pool and Dividend pool. By holding FCF, you earn a real passive income paid in BNB and not only trade volume-dependent but boosted by the ecosystem fees. The price value of 1 FCF token will always grow bigger with every transaction made on FCF PAY. Not only does your capital get bigger, but you also receive daily payouts in BNB just by holding FCF.

What is FCF PAY?

FCF PAY is the world’s first Credit card and crypto payment gateway processor. This revolutionary gateway will change how people earn and spend their cryptocurrencies. FCF PAY will allow people to use crypto for online transactions the same way they currently use their credit cards.

The project is led by the following:

CEO “KYC by Tech-Audit”

John is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in the business development industry. Passionate about cryptocrurency since 2013, John jumped into the De-Fi world in it’s early days. After becoming tired of all the scams and failed De-Fi projects he decided to create FCF and revolutionize the De-Fi world and take it where it belongs.

John “TrippyBlue” Davidson
Head of Marketing

John worked on one of the earliest known Crypto PoS systems back in 2013 as well as spoke at the first Altcoin convention ever put together in 2014 in NYC. For 10 Years John has been studying and working with everything Blockchain, and has signed on board with us to help get our project on track and growing steadily toward a brighter future for all of us.

William “capt’n shill” cushion
VP of Outreach

William is a community and outreach expert, with over 5 years of experience in computer systems and software development. Sick of the scams and rug pulls in the latest crypto projects, William yearned to find a project with real use and utility and stumbled upon french connection finance. Seeing its clear potential, William joined the team to help take FCF to new heights.

The Asia Blockchain Community (ABC) is a community based and run by volunteers in Asia. ABC understands the market well and is supported by a panel of blockchain and crypto experts and influencers. The community has hosted more than 50 projects in recent months.

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