Chief Tech Officer starts the Post-Alpha evaluation using EOS protocol

gaimin eos
gaimin eos

Loading CTO, Buki Ben Natan has started the Post-Alpha evaluation using EOS protocol on 26 August 2019. He has highlighted the status of EOS being the most active gaming blockchain as one of the keys behind their decision to incorporate the EOS public blockchain into their new, exciting venture aimed to help gamers enhance their whole gaming experience.

EOS Leads Gameplay

EOS leads the way in making actual gameplay more feasible for the average gamer by moving the activity costs onto the DApp operators. When asked directly, he also specifically mentioned EOS technical qualities, such as transaction speed and volume, facilitated by the unique EOS DPoS consensus mechanism, which is predicted to be able to eclipse 3,000 transactions per second.

By default, EOS transactions have no fee, and when you consider the potential of to generate millions of gamers as users, this is a critical factor. Natan also pointed out the fact that EOS is compatible with C++, which is a very common gaming programming language, and that opens the doors for many possibilities in the future.

Martin Speight,’s CEO was quick to mention that local universities in Spain had been given grants to focus on the blockchain, coding and programming and that he and their Advisor Enrique Santos had already been involved in meetings to discuss collaboration. “C++ will enable us to work with the universities directly and in the near future have students in our office during their placement year. They will be able to learn from and work closely with some of the top EOS developers in the world. When we were with Phil Mesnier at Object Computing’s headquarters in St. Louis, we discussed him mentoring our programmers. How cool would it be to say that during your industry year, you were mentored by one of the original members of the EOS development team?”

With similar vision as EOS, believes that gaming is the key to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies .

Gaming is key to crypto mass adoption

The chamber of commerce in Gijon, in the wealthy Northern Region of Spain, is renowned for open-mindedness and forward-thinking, which is a big reason why businesses in that region continue to flourish. They are set to host future gaming conventions and were eager to learn more about gaming as an industry to cultivate this exciting growth sector in their region.

At their first gaming convention, most of the attendees included heads of regional banks and prominent local businessmen. There were also key speakers at the event to discuss about gaming, blockchain technology and adoption.

The demographics and nature of the gamers are ideally suited to be the first significant adopters of cryptos for the following reasons:

●    They are tech-savvy, and the average age of the player means they are the future.

●    They are more open-minded about the concept of money in terms of transfer of value

●    They are familiar with online wallets.

●    They already use virtual currencies and virtual goods. All top games have their own virtual micro-economies.

Its already happening with blockchain-based games available and payment systems being established. Buying cryptos traditionally is still a hassle; companies like eliminate that. Gamers connect to’s network and receive EOS based tokens, which they can use to buy, sell or rent assets on the marketplace with a fully listed crypto.

While there are still issues to be resolved and a period of transition, believes that the adoption of blockchain-based gaming asset ownership and cryptocurrencies represent an obvious and natural evolution for the gaming industry, and as a company is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of this together with EOS protocol.

Gamers who are following knows about the developments coming up from the Post Alpha Developments to the road map to a final MVP and Beta Testing. In short, with faster and cheaper transactions, better user experience for its end users – the gamers, easy upgrades and bug recovery, phenomenal throughput limits, massive scalability and a more suitable environment for game developers, EOS is without doubt the ideal platform and natural partner for

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