Learn Basic Blockchain Adds Marketplace Listings for Freemium Members


Learn Basic Blockchain, an education hub to explore the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency use, announces the addition of a Blockchain Cryptocurrency Marketplace for Freemium Members.

Blockchain is a new kind of database that is a new solution for storing digital information more securely. It is the framework by which cryptocurrency runs on. Understanding the way it works can be confusing.

Learn Basic Blockchain provides an educational platform with a freemium model providing C-Level Executives, small businesses and solopreneurs alike the opportunity to apply the new technology to career, business and personal use. The platform is geared towards those that have some knowledge and know they need to get educated in this area to keep up with current business trends.

“In our experience while providing content and educational material for blockchain companies we’ve found the easiest way for people to understand is to provide real use case scenarios,” says Clough, CEO of Learn Basic Blockchain. Providing places blockchain and cryptocurrency can be used currently will help with education but also will make learning these new technologies easy and fun.

The learning platform provides 101 type instruction to refer to while opening options on real use cases that will shape the way many corporate and business models will be moving to in 2019.

You can access the Marketplace and the freemium blockchain cryptocurrency courses here: https://www.learnbasicblockchain.com/begin

If you have a blockchain or cryptocurrency product you would like to submit for listing approval contact jt(at)learnbasicblockchain(dot)com

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