MetaX, Creator of the First Token Curated Registry on the Ethereum Mainnet, Expands to Japan


MetaX, a blockchain company that develops real-world solutions to challenges facing the advertising industry, expands to Japan in a move that will increase its global footprint. MetaX is known for its development of the adChain Registry, the first Token Curated Registry (TCR) to exist on the Ethereum Mainnet. Japan is one of the leading countries in blockchain project development and boasts 16 operating exchanges with a license and 100 other exchanges with applications under review.

“The expansion to Japan represents the start of a new chapter for MetaX, and we look forward to developing relationships with partners across Asia who share our vision of streamlining the ad tech ecosystem for all parties with cutting-edge technological solutions,” said MetaX Founder and CEO, Ken Brook. “Blockchain technology enables the implementation of decentralized governance, thereby empowering individuals in the ad tech community with more say in decisions pertaining to their industry. We intend to continue developing solutions for ad tech using blockchain technology and incorporating unparalleled expertise and knowledge from industry experts.”

Advertising is a $209 billion industry, and yet advertisers are estimated to lose $19 billion a year due to fraud. The adChain Registry is the first decentralized list of community-approved, premium domains for advertising. Holders of MetaX’s adToken curate this list by applying, challenging, and voting domains into the adChain Registry. MetaX’s expansion into Asia will allow the company to better serve the global ad tech market. The company’s new offices will include the addition of support staff for fraud initiatives and community management.

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About MetaX
MetaX leverages Web 2.0 and blockchain technology to design real-world advertising solutions that elevate digital media standards and establish a transparent ecosystem. MetaX developed the adChain Registry, the first Token-Curated Registry to be launched on Ethereum. The adChain Registry is a decentralized database of community-approved premium digital publishers. adChain Audits is a MetaX service offering scalable ad fraud solutions that provide in-depth digital campaign analysis from accredited auditors.